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Testimonial topic For Learners

ABE has been one of the best experiences because it has made me think outside of the box and acquired different skills such as management, communication, business, accounting and writing, which has assisted me to advance my future career plans and studies.
I would highly recommend the ABE programme to anyone since the material is easy to understand, past papers are accessible, and the fees are reasonable as well.
Malene Carr-Mulling
Having launched my Project Management business, I chose to study ABE to acquire a formal qualification in Project Management.
Kezia Lucas
I was not working at the time that I started the programme but it has certainly helped me land a great job recently and I love it.
Atupele Mang'anda
Having studied and completed Level 4, I confidently say that ABE is effective and its educational standards are excellent.
The general lectures and study materials, as well as the positive mind set towards the subject, provided me with the skills and knowledge to overcome any challenge I faced.
Francis Nguluwe
"ABE provides the best business education that improves an employee’s professional knowledge in business concepts." Francis chose ABE because he wants to apply global business concepts in a Malawian context.
Anthony Ampong
The best thing about ABE is it challenges its learners to think globally and the programme is also structured to be very communicative, flexible and also a fast route to pursue your Bachelors degree or Masters programme.
 Syed Iqbal
All my success in my business is because of my qualifications from ABE. I could not have built up strong brand name only in five years. I found myself fully equipped whenever I had to attend meetings with highly professional managers or executives in order to get new customers on board or if I had to deal with tough suppliers.