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Testimonial topic For Learners

Goodson Chizaka
Big organisations now seek to recruit ABE graduates who are much more effective when performing tasks.
Chrystel Taylor
The best thing about studying with ABE is that there is no need to to make the decision to work or study, ABE allows you to do both.
Lubayna Ebrahim Noorani
My brother advised me to join ABE so that in the future I can take over and manage my family's chain of fast food restaurants in Kenya.
Jordan Raven
I chose ABE because it is a recognised UK qualification that is flexible, allowing me to work and study at the same time. ABE also provides a progression route to a top-up honours or Masters degree with some of the UK’s most reputable universities.
Preeti Vekaria
ABE is a well known course in Nairobi and many students prefer choosing it as a start to their career in business. It offers great knowledge of the internal and external business environment.
Aliyah Gordon
I entered the workforce after completing A-levels whilst I was deciding what my next step was. After I got accustomed to ‘work-life’ I just couldn’t see myself giving it up to accommodate my studies. I needed a programme that was flexible and could accommodate my frequently changing work schedule and it's obvious which programme I chose.
Khemchandra Ramlochan
The best thing about studying with ABE is the fact that I can receive my tertiary education and still be able to work to support myself due to the organisation’s flexible hours and tuition payment options.
Ismat Khimji
Being a student who is pursuing ABE has taught me so much: right from being practical, to teamwork and also how to build myself for a better future.