Testimonial topic For Learners

Bibi Saoudah Domun
I would recommend ABE to everyone because it has a flexible learning programme, and affordable and faster route to employment. Additionally, ABE is convenient for any learners who want to have knowledge in business and management.
Chifundo Phri
Since I started studying with ABE I have become so productive at work and able to adapt to any changes. I am also able to solve business problems and prevent them.
"The more I observed, the more I believed this was the right path to pursue my career dream. I enrolled at MHR Management Institute to start my learning journey with ABE."
"The best things about studying ABE are the flexibility in terms of time; user-friendly manuals; global recognition at several universities; proactive offers in helping improve day-to-day job functions; and affordable exam fees. ABE, for me, has been a very positive opportunity in my life. I seriously cannot over state this."
"ABE has a good reputation with employers that know of ABE’s programmes. The reason why l chose ABE was because it is flexible and self-paced. The study material is readily available and affordable."
"ABE qualifications are most recognised, highly valued and preferred by employers in many industries and sectors. The knowledge I obtained studying Business Management offers a strong foundation for a career in sales and marketing."
Laushell Downes
"Over the past 5 years, employers in Guyana have recognised the impact ABE Qualifications have had on their staff and business overall, and as such, encouraged their employees to further their studies with ABE."
Prisha Patel
"The ABE courses offer everything required by employers. They are also internationally recognised so provide opportunities all over the world and also a vast amount of knowledge of the business environment."
Wasim Mulji
"The ABE qualifications have equipped Wasim with the necessary skills to effortlessly fit into the working environment." Mrs Faith Munyao, Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. We're delighted to add that since sharing his story, on achieving his ABE Level 5 Diploma, Wasim has received an unconditional offer to study for the University of Sunderland's BA (Hons) Business Management through their regional centre INtel College in Kenya
Serge Maheshe
"The knowledge I have acquired allowed me to employ myself: I am a foreign exchange trader!" ABE Level 5 graduate, Serge, wants to inspire others with his passion for learning.