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Testimonial topic For Learners

Chikondi Bissan
My dream is to become a successful business manager in the future and I am confident that my ABE qualification will help me achieve this.
Enala Shalom
With ABE qualifications it becomes so easy to gain employment. Personally, the thing that I have really benefited from the most whilst studying ABE is gaining knowledge on how to manage an enterprise and how to become an entrepreneur.
Marcia Natasha Alexander
The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is flexible, affordable and challenging. It is a recognised programme and accepted by employers in my country.
Aravinda Singh
Since embarking on my journey with ABE I am able to better understand organisational decisions. This has allowed me to be more responsive at board meetings as my knowledge of business has significantly increased.
Alexander Chikolera
Through studying ABE qualifications, I have gained a number of skills. I have learned and gained knowledge on how to communicate, deal and handle clients in the corporate world.
Eon Brumigin
"The journey to attain success in the ABE Business Management programme was challenging yet extremely rewarding. I acquired tremendous leadership, managerial, motivational and people skills."
Ahmed Nooraly
I chose ABE because the programme provides professional qualification, flexibility, well-structured modules and useful resources.
Sasha Lewis
ABE gives you everything that you would need in order to thrive and have the upper hand in and out of the classroom; from team-working and becoming a leader to an ethical professional. This programme is more than just pen and paper but a holistic guide for a successful future.
Temitope Olaitan- Adeyemi
There are quite a number of advantages to studying with ABE, one of the things I enjoy is the flexibility they provide in learning, which makes it convenient for work and education balance.
Tajoo Nidaa Bibi
For nearly 2 years since I joined work, I have been thinking about what further studies to pursue until I came across the ABE website where I learnt that it offers professional courses at affordable prices and also a pathway to fast track to a university degree.