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Testimonial topic For Learners

I studied ABE at K & M School of Accountancy because of their strong reputation and the reputable courses, which cover what every subject business requires. ABE provides the knowledge and qualifications to go into any industry fully prepared, this is reflected amongst the community as an ABE qualification can get you a job almost anywhere!
ABE offers an affordable course where it allows learners to build confidence in their career and enhance their business knowledge.
ABE is rated very highly amongst many people here in Malawi, the most common response I get when I tell people I study through ABE is that of great admiration, ABE is valued highly and it's reputation resounds amongst the community.
I chose ABE because of my dream to become an entrepreneur, I can very confidently say that it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I loved studying for it and enjoyed the process very much. It has been very effective and provided me with a strong start toward my future long-term career path.
I decided to pursue the ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resource course, this was mainly because of its equivalence to a year two Bachelors’ which would allow me to complete my degree in a shorter time frame.
I chose ABE as it equipped me with the right market knowledge to be a Business Manager and a Human Resource Professional. It also seemed exciting and new which interested me into doing the course even more.
ABE has an outstanding global reputation. The qualifications are designed to give us the best chance of achieving our short and long term career goals.
Aneissa Moore
"The company I work for, MPS, fully recognises and supports the ABE programme. The company has several employees who are currently engaged in ABE studies and encourages workers by repaying for successful completion of the courses.
Hussain Mirza
The best thing about ABE is that we can get direct admission into some universities including exemptions onto degree courses which will allow us to take less modules, and in the long run save on costs and time.
Roshni Tarak Das
The public really value ABE courses in Kenya. It helps in their future careers and it provides the people with employment opportunities very easily.