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Testimonial topic For Learners

Kaung Zaw Htet
ABE has helped me lead the team during major organisational strategic change and difficult times in recent years.
Sariq commuted a distance of sixty kilometers on a daily basis in order to achieve his ABE L6 qualification. He claims the reason for his success now is attributable to the knowledge that he gained through the ABE platform.
“I decided to try again with the encouragement of people who loved me and wanted to see me grow. I went to the lowest and hardest time of my life hitting depression and I was able to rise to the occasion stayed my course and achieved results.” Many ABE learners have truly inspirational stories to share. Hidy is one such person.
Shalena Callender
I must say that my studies with ABE have aided me tremendously by equipping me with the requisite training, knowledge and information to enhance my skills and further my career.
ABE provides an opportunity for young professionals like myself to earn the kind of qualification that provides a clear advantage in our highly competitive world today.
Vivian Duah
ABE is the best professional programme. I recommend it to everyone whose aim is to be an entrepreneur.
Sidra Muntaha
Through my studies I have gained time management skills, moreover I have learnt how to execute tasks properly and have clear understanding of how the business environment runs.
Sherisse Jahoor
The best thing about studying with ABE is definitely the online resources that are always available at your fingertips and the fact that I can study at my own pace whilst still going to work.
ABE has been one of the best experiences because it has made me think outside of the box and acquired different skills such as management, communication, business, accounting and writing, which has assisted me to advance my future career plans and studies.
I would highly recommend the ABE programme to anyone since the material is easy to understand, past papers are accessible, and the fees are reasonable as well.