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Patrick Davis
I have no doubt that ABE graduates are better prepared for the job market which is why my foundation gives ABE qualification holders priority in employment and this has led to all but one of our staff members/consultants being ABE Alumni.
Emmanuel Adediran
"The choice of ABE was based on the understanding that the modules and courses were practical in nature and structured to immediately improve workplace effectiveness."
Joseph Ayamga
Basket weaving has brought great relief to my community as it's a source of employment for them. It helps them to take care of their families; paying children's school fees, accessing proper health care services and providing food for their households.
 Syed Iqbal
All my success in my business is because of my qualifications from ABE. I could not have built up strong brand name only in five years. I found myself fully equipped whenever I had to attend meetings with highly professional managers or executives in order to get new customers on board or if I had to deal with tough suppliers.

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