Testimonial topic ABE Alumni

Serge Maheshe
"The knowledge I have acquired allowed me to employ myself: I am a foreign exchange trader!" ABE Level 5 graduate, Serge, wants to inspire others with his passion for learning.
Along with the key knowledge and skills Selveena learnt from her ABE course, she has shown that she is able to make her business survive in an ever-changing business environment.
Jitesh Zinzuwadia
"...studying ABE requires you to take challenges for sure but it’s a totally worth it after you get your diploma!" Jitesh has gone on to study an MSc at the University of Dundee, he tells us how he achieved his academic success.
Sariq commuted a distance of sixty kilometers on a daily basis in order to achieve his ABE L6 qualification. He claims the reason for his success now is attributable to the knowledge that he gained through the ABE platform.
“I decided to try again with the encouragement of people who loved me and wanted to see me grow. I went to the lowest and hardest time of my life hitting depression and I was able to rise to the occasion stayed my course and achieved results.” Many ABE learners have truly inspirational stories to share. Hidy is one such person.
 Syed Iqbal
All my success in my business is because of my qualifications from ABE. I could not have built up strong brand name only in five years. I found myself fully equipped whenever I had to attend meetings with highly professional managers or executives in order to get new customers on board or if I had to deal with tough suppliers.

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