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Testimonial topic Top Paper Awards

Claude Kamanga
ABE has gained a reputation among employers in Malawi because most of us ABE graduates have proved to be very productive compared with other graduates with similar qualifications. As a result, we are more competitive in the job market.
DORis Mhango
I was employed as a Registry Clerk but, in the middle of my studies after completing Level 5 Diploma, I was promoted to the post of an Assistant Human Resource Management Officer because of the skills that I acquired with ABE.
Prince Ali
The best thing about studying for an ABE qualification is that it broadens your mind about how business works. I feel I have gained the skill to be able to manage a small business.
I chose ABE because it provides students who did not qualify for a direct entry to university with a second opportunity
Goodson Chizaka
Big organisations now seek to recruit ABE graduates who are much more effective when performing tasks.