Testimonial topic June 2019 | ABE UK

Testimonial topic June 2019

Goodson Chizaka
Big organisations now seek to recruit ABE graduates who are much more effective when performing tasks.
Chrystel Taylor
The best thing about studying with ABE is that there is no need to to make the decision to work or study, ABE allows you to do both.
I studied at Pentecost University College, Ghana, where ABE is seen as a course that offers practical knowledge in business. I have plans of starting my own business and using the certificate to get my Masters degree as ABE has broadened my perception in the field of business.
As corny as this may sound, my main tip is to believe in yourself. This is where success begins. Understanding that greatness already exists within you makes a massive difference. Work hard, focus and do what must be done. The time is going to pass anyway; the best thing to do is to spend it doing the little things that would make your future self proud.
The best thing about studying with ABE is that the qualification is affordable in developing countries like Malawi, its international recognition and flexibility has helped me to appreciate the international business environment. ABE is the best option to acquire the knowledge to run a business, if you want to become a successful manager of your own.
ABE has an impression on the people around here, it is known for being a credible international board, both the public and employers appreciate the positive influence that the ABE courses hold.
I studied ABE at K & M School of Accountancy because of their strong reputation and the reputable courses, which cover what every subject business requires. ABE provides the knowledge and qualifications to go into any industry fully prepared, this is reflected amongst the community as an ABE qualification can get you a job almost anywhere!
ABE offers an affordable course where it allows learners to build confidence in their career and enhance their business knowledge.
ABE is rated very highly amongst many people here in Malawi, the most common response I get when I tell people I study through ABE is that of great admiration, ABE is valued highly and it's reputation resounds amongst the community.
I chose ABE because of my dream to become an entrepreneur, I can very confidently say that it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I loved studying for it and enjoyed the process very much. It has been very effective and provided me with a strong start toward my future long-term career path.