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Testimonial topic June 2019

I decided to pursue the ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resource course, this was mainly because of its equivalence to a year two Bachelors’ which would allow me to complete my degree in a shorter time frame.
I chose ABE as it equipped me with the right market knowledge to be a Business Manager and a Human Resource Professional. It also seemed exciting and new which interested me into doing the course even more.
ABE has an outstanding global reputation. The qualifications are designed to give us the best chance of achieving our short and long term career goals.
Rhean Ghany
"The best thing about ABE is the flexibility. I can choose to study at my own rate, the semesters can be short and there is a balance in assignments and assessments, which prepares me for the next level of study."
"Employers demand and value individuals with an ABE qualification because they have seen the positive impact they have on turning around their businesses for the better. The qualification moulds the individual to be very effective in the company and that is why many people seek an ABE qualification because of the difference it makes."