Testimonial topic June 2020 | ABE UK

Testimonial topic June 2020

In Mauritius, ABE courses are gaining more and more popularity because of its global good reputation. It helps in developing skills which provide learners with the necessary knowledge to fit in a better position. ABE is known for its suitable, flexible and affordable business qualifications which are adaptable enough for a learner to study at his/her own pace.
The best thing about studying with ABE is that you pay less for more. The qualification is recognised worldwide, and it is more affordable than other tertiary institutions in Jamaica...
I chose ABE because it offers great flexibility with regards to completing the various modules which allows full-time parents and employees to develop academically.
The feeling about ABE in Guyana is that the working millennial loves it. It gives them time to balance work and play. The older folks are also now getting the opportunity to add the relevant qualifications to their experience, Entrepreneur Dibbi chose ABE because she wanted to be a great manager as she grows her business.
HSBC, where I work, is a multinational company which prefers employees with an international qualification. Therefore they encourage staff to acquire the certificates from organisations like ABE.
Studying with ABE has helped me gain knowledge which has led to the expansion of my business... Successful entrepreneur, Monica, achieved her first ABE qualification in 2008 and used the knowledge she gained to start her own business, Evelyte Civil Engineering and Building Contractors. She rejoined ABE at Level 6 in 2019 to help her develop the strategic marketing skills she needed to expand her business and achieve her long-term ambition to grow it into a multinational company.
Asongfack Abit Abigail
One of the most amazing things about studying with ABE is their continuous improvements, flexibility and reorganisation to provide their students with the best learning experiences and outcomes possible.
I chose to do ABE because I rightly thought that it would equip me with the required knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a marketing professional. I also liked the course because I could acquire knowledge and skills in business management simultaneously with training as a marketer.
Denicia Martin
The best thing about studying with ABE is that the modules are intense but well-structured and very informative on different aspects of business.