Testimonial topic ABE's Women Entrepreneurs #WED | ABE UK

Testimonial topic ABE's Women Entrepreneurs #WED

As centre head of the Institute of Universal Higher Studies (IUHS Campus), Sanjeevika has shown exceptional dedication. To inspire her students she elected to take all six Level 6 units in a single sitting despite dealing with the challenge and demands of running a busy centre during a pandemic. Not only did she do this, she also managed to achieve a Top Paper Award. She is now planning to continue to sit every Level 6 unit in every stream so that, in addition to developing her own skillset, she will speak from the heart when she recommends the programmes to prospective students.
The feeling about ABE in Guyana is that the working millennial loves it. It gives them time to balance work and play. The older folks are also now getting the opportunity to add the relevant qualifications to their experience, Entrepreneur Dibbi chose ABE because she wanted to be a great manager as she grows her business.
Studying with ABE has helped me gain knowledge which has led to the expansion of my business... Successful entrepreneur, Monica, achieved her first ABE qualification in 2008 and used the knowledge she gained to start her own business, Evelyte Civil Engineering and Building Contractors. She rejoined ABE at Level 6 in 2019 to help her develop the strategic marketing skills she needed to expand her business and achieve her long-term ambition to grow it into a multinational company.
Asongfack Abit Abigail
One of the most amazing things about studying with ABE is their continuous improvements, flexibility and reorganisation to provide their students with the best learning experiences and outcomes possible.
Lubayna Ebrahim Noorani
My brother advised me to join ABE so that in the future I can take over and manage my family's chain of fast food restaurants in Kenya.
I studied at Pentecost University College, Ghana, where ABE is seen as a course that offers practical knowledge in business. I have plans of starting my own business and using the certificate to get my Masters degree as ABE has broadened my perception in the field of business.
Su Su Myint Aung.
I would like to strongly recommend ABE for studying business and related subjects. ABE offers high quality education and can help a young teenager go on to become a successful professional career person like me.
Enala Shalom
With ABE qualifications it becomes so easy to gain employment. Personally, the thing that I have really benefited from the most whilst studying ABE is gaining knowledge on how to manage an enterprise and how to become an entrepreneur.
Temitope Olaitan- Adeyemi
There are quite a number of advantages to studying with ABE, one of the things I enjoy is the flexibility they provide in learning, which makes it convenient for work and education balance.
Along with the key knowledge and skills Selveena learnt from her ABE course, she has shown that she is able to make her business survive in an ever-changing business environment.