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As centre head of the Institute of Universal Higher Studies (IUHS Campus), Sanjeevika has shown exceptional dedication. To inspire her students she elected to take all six Level 6 units in a single...
Sanjeevika Dissanayake - Head of the IUHS Campus and winner of Top Paper Award in Business Strategy & Decision-making - Sri Lanka
In Mauritius, ABE courses are gaining more and more popularity because of its global good reputation. It helps in developing skills which provide learners with the necessary knowledge to fit in a...
Yagambal Moonsamy - Winner of Top Paper Award in Principles of HR, studied at J Hospitality & Tourism Management - Mauritius
The best thing about studying with ABE is that you pay less for more. The qualification is recognised worldwide, and it is more affordable than other tertiary institutions in Jamaica...
Diedre McLaren - Winner of Top Paper Award in Employability and Self-development, studied at B&B University College - Jamaica
I chose ABE because it offers great flexibility with regards to completing the various modules which allows full-time parents and employees to develop academically.
Randy Sterling - Winner of Top Paper Award in Operations Management, studied at School of Business & Computer Science - (Champs Fleurs) - Trinidad and Tobago
The feeling about ABE in Guyana is that the working millennial loves it. It gives them time to balance work and play. The older folks are also now getting the opportunity to add the relevant...
Dibbi Kissoon - Entrepreneur & winner of Top Paper Award in The HR Professional, studied at Nations School of Business & Management - Guyana
HSBC, where I work, is a multinational company which prefers employees with an international qualification. Therefore they encourage staff to acquire the certificates from organisations like ABE.
Fathima Azrah Mohamed Musnaphy - winner of Top Paper Award in Strategic HRM, studied at London Business School (Sri Lanka) - Sri Lanka
Studying with ABE has helped me gain knowledge which has led to the expansion of my business... Successful entrepreneur, Monica, achieved her first ABE qualification in 2008 and used the knowledge...
Monica Evelyn Amoni - Winner of Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing Relationships, studied at Pact College - Malawi
Asongfack Abit Abigail
One of the most amazing things about studying with ABE is their continuous improvements, flexibility and reorganisation to provide their students with the best learning experiences and outcomes...
Asongfack Abit Abigail - Winner of Top Paper Award in Developing International Markets - Cameroon
I chose to do ABE because I rightly thought that it would equip me with the required knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a marketing professional. I also liked the course because I could...
Vaishni Ramji Raghwani - winner of Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing, studied at SCLP Samaj Australian College - Kenya
Padma Raghaven
I chose to study with ABE for its worldwide recognition and affordability.
Padma Raghaven - winner of Top Paper Award in Effective Financial Management, studied at Sagittarius (Centre for Information Technology and Business Studies) - Mauritius