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Read about people who have succeeded with ABE

Claude Kamanga
ABE has gained a reputation among employers in Malawi because most of us ABE graduates have proved to be very productive compared with other graduates with similar qualifications. As a result, we...
Claude Stephen Kamanga - winner of Top Paper Award for Managing Stakeholder Relationships, studied at International College of Business & Management - Malawi
DORis Mhango
I was employed as a Registry Clerk but, in the middle of my studies after completing Level 5 Diploma, I was promoted to the post of an Assistant Human Resource Management Officer because of the...
Doris Mhango - winner of Top Paper Award for Strategic HRM, studied at Pact College - Malawi
Prince Ali
The best thing about studying for an ABE qualification is that it broadens your mind about how business works. I feel I have gained the skill to be able to manage a small business. ...
Aliasgher Fazleabbas Safder - Top Paper Award winner for Business Essentials, studied at Emerson Education - Tanzania
I chose ABE because it provides students who did not qualify for a direct entry to university with a second opportunity
Barlin Mohamed Garane - Winner of Top Paper Award in Enterprising Organisations, studied at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies - Kenya
Fashan Feroze
ABE opened the gate for my career and educational development.
Fashan Feroze - Winner of Top Paper Award for Corporate Finance, studied at Oxford College of Business - Sri Lanka
M Brima
With my qualification in Business Management from ABE UK, I was able to gain valuable knowledge for my early teaching career ...
Musa Brima - AMABE UK & Quality Assurance Officer studied at Centre Management and Entrpreneurship (CME) - Sierra Leone
Natalie Dayeck
After high school I wasn’t able to go to Uni and continue my education but, with ABE in Sierra Leone, I found new hope to be able to continue my education where females have a clear & clean...
Natalie Alie Dayeck studying Business Management and Human Resources at the Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship - Sierra Leone
David Aruna Bukuleh Musa
Within 3 years of doing the ABE course, I experienced a tremendous enhancement in my professional skills knowledge & ability. This transformation has helped to increase my value in the labour...
David Aruna Bukuleh Musa AMABE UK. Level 6 graduate and Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (CME) board member - Sierra Leone
Oliver Cole
I chose ABE for their excellence in academic work which guarantees endless possibilities, their online platform and also CME for their intimate classroom setting and welcoming environment.
Oliver Cole, AMABE UK, senior teacher. Studied ABE at Centre for Management & Entrepreneurship (CME) - Sierra Leone
Lisa Charles
The ABE programme is widely recognised in my country as students and organisations have highly rated the achievements, flexibility and affordability of the courses offered.
Lisa Charles - Winner of Top Paper Award in Buyer & Consumer Behaviour, studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science - Trinidad and Tobago