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Picture of Sachin Ramcharan
The best thing about studying with ABE is how readily available all the resources are. The manuals are simple to read and understand while covering all the learning outcomes. Also all the past...
Sachin Ramcharan, Top Paper Award Winner, Trinidad & Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago
Picture of ABE Pakistan President Muhammad Alamgir
Today’s professional world calls for dynamic individuals owning a diverse set of management skills backed by relevant qualifications. ABE provides you with a platform to adequately meet such...
Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary, CEO of SMEDA and general manager of Outreach - Pakistan
For me the ABE course was a real lifesaver. My qualification has been an asset throughout my career, especially in Ethiopia where I managed to secure senior positions. I was confident when...
Joseph Jurgen Rudulph, Global Administration Officer, CaLP, Oxfam GB studied in - Kenya