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Read about people who have succeeded with ABE

ABE has an impression on the people around here, it is known for being a credible international board, both the public and employers appreciate the positive influence that the ABE courses hold.
Robson Changala - Winner of Top Paper Award in Dynamic Business Environments, studied at Mzuzu Business College - Malawi
Su Su Myint Aung.
I would like to strongly recommend ABE for studying business and related subjects. ABE offers high quality education and can help a young teenager go on to become a successful professional career...
Su Su Myint Aung, Executive Director, Nice Style Group of Companies - Myanmar
I studied ABE at K & M School of Accountancy because of their strong reputation and the reputable courses, which cover what every subject business requires. ABE provides the knowledge and...
Maria Lundu - Winner of Top Paper Award in Business Ethics and Sustainability, studied at K & M School of Accountancy - Malawi
ABE offers an affordable course where it allows learners to build confidence in their career and enhance their business knowledge.
Hussein Murtaza Ayubali - Winner of Top Paper Award in Corporate Finance studied at FB Training Centre Limited - Tanzania
ABE is rated very highly amongst many people here in Malawi, the most common response I get when I tell people I study through ABE is that of great admiration, ABE is valued highly and it's...
Victor Makuta - Winner of Top Paper Award in Developing International Markets studied at The University of Malawi Management Development Centre - Malawi
I chose ABE because of my dream to become an entrepreneur, I can very confidently say that it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I loved studying for it and enjoyed the process very much. It...
Vasu Patel - Winner of Top Paper Award in Finance for Managers, studied at Oshwal College - Kenya
I decided to pursue the ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resource course, this was mainly because of its equivalence to a year two Bachelors’ which would allow me to complete my...
Sheldon Campbell - Winner of Top Paper Award in Human Resource Management, studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science - Trinidad and Tobago
I chose ABE as it equipped me with the right market knowledge to be a Business Manager and a Human Resource Professional. It also seemed exciting and new which interested me into doing the course...
Jasreet Kaur Bharij - Winner of Top Paper Award in The HR Professional and International Business Economics & Markets, studied at SCLP Samaj Australian College) - Kenya
ABE has an outstanding global reputation. The qualifications are designed to give us the best chance of achieving our short and long term career goals.
Aravinth Hettiarachchi - Winner of Top Paper Award in Digital Marketing Strategy studied at London Business School - Sri Lanka
I’d always recommend fellow students to just jump-in, get started, indulge and spend quality time revising for exams/assignments to find yourself making significant progress. Always keep an eye on...
Adil Rashad Huzair - Winner of Top Paper Award in Leading Strategic Change, studied at Cambridge College of Business & Management - Sri Lanka