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Read about people who have succeeded with ABE

Aneissa Moore
"The company I work for, MPS, fully recognises and supports the ABE programme. The company has several employees who are currently engaged in ABE studies and encourages workers by repaying for...
Aneissa Moore - Winner of Top Paper Award in Societal and Social Marketing, studied at Nations School of Business & Management - Guyana
Rhean Ghany
"The best thing about ABE is the flexibility. I can choose to study at my own rate, the semesters can be short and there is a balance in assignments and assessments, which prepares me for the...
Rhean Aleesha Ghany - winner of Top Paper Award in Effective Financial Management, studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science - Trinidad and Tobago
"Employers demand and value individuals with an ABE qualification because they have seen the positive impact they have on turning around their businesses for the better. The qualification moulds...
Mukhtar Ally Abdallah - winner of Top Paper Award in Business Essentials, studied at FB Training Centre - Tanzania
Starfish sees local entrepreneurship as a way forward for these young girls and wanted to introduce ABE L2 Setting Up Your Own Business because they recognise the value of the ABE brand, content, and...
ABE works with Starfish International to make a difference in The Gambia - Gambia
ABE students with Max Persaud - senior ABE tutor
Read about the impact just two courses in Setting Up Your Own Business, run by Nations School of Business and Management, had on the cohorts of teenagers who participated. The results are a true...
Setting Up Your Own Business course makes a difference - Guyana
Hussain Mirza
The best thing about ABE is that we can get direct admission into some universities including exemptions onto degree courses which will allow us to take less modules, and in the long run save on...
Hussain Mirza, Kuwait - Top Paper Award in Business Ethics and Sustainability - Kuwait
Roshni Tarak Das
The public really value ABE courses in Kenya. It helps in their future careers and it provides the people with employment opportunities very easily.
Roshni Tarak Das, Kenya – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods – studied at Oshwal College - Kenya
Indrawatee Sahaye
I must admit that ABE has presented me with a very big opportunity whereby I have been able to get enhanced and enriched knowledge and experience which help me to a large extent in the performance of...
Indrawatee Sahaye, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Leading Strategic Change, studied at Sagittarius (Centre For Information Technology and Business) - Mauritius
Chikondi Bissan
My dream is to become a successful business manager in the future and I am confident that my ABE qualification will help me achieve this.
Chikondi Bissan, Malawi - Top Paper Award in Dynamic & Collaborative Teams, studied at PACT college - Malawi
Enala Shalom
With ABE qualifications it becomes so easy to gain employment. Personally, the thing that I have really benefited from the most whilst studying ABE is gaining knowledge on how to manage an enterprise...
Enala Sharom Ching’oma, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Operations Management, studied at Pact College - Malawi