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Read about people who have succeeded with ABE

Marcia Natasha Alexander
The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is flexible, affordable and challenging. It is a recognised programme and accepted by employers in my country.
Marcia Natasha Alexander, Trinidad & Tobago – Top Paper Award in Organisational Design, Development & Performance, studied at SITAL College of Tertiary Education - Trinidad and Tobago
Aravinda Singh
Since embarking on my journey with ABE I am able to better understand organisational decisions. This has allowed me to be more responsive at board meetings as my knowledge of business has...
Aravinda Singh, Guyana – Top Paper Award in Managing Agile Organisations & People, studied at Nations School of Business & Management - Guyana
Alexander Chikolera
Through studying ABE qualifications, I have gained a number of skills. I have learned and gained knowledge on how to communicate, deal and handle clients in the corporate world.
Alexander Robert Chikolera, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Strategy Marketing Relationships, studied at Pact College - Malawi
Eon Brumigin
"The journey to attain success in the ABE Business Management programme was challenging yet extremely rewarding. I acquired tremendous leadership, managerial, motivational and people skills...
Eon Brumigin - Top Paper Award in Managing Stakeholder Relationships studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science - Trinidad and Tobago
Ahmed Nooraly
I chose ABE because the programme provides professional qualification, flexibility, well-structured modules and useful resources.
Ahmed Noorally Fazal, Tanzania – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Entrepreneurship, studied at Financial Training Centre - Tanzania
Sasha Lewis
ABE gives you everything that you would need in order to thrive and have the upper hand in and out of the classroom; from team-working and becoming a leader to an ethical professional. This programme...
Sasha Lewis, Trinidad and Tobago – Top Paper Award in Strategic HRM, studied at SITAL College of Tertiary Education - Trinidad and Tobago
Temitope Olaitan- Adeyemi
There are quite a number of advantages to studying with ABE, one of the things I enjoy is the flexibility they provide in learning, which makes it convenient for work and education balance.
Temitope Olaitan- Adeyemi, Nigeria – Top Paper Award in Contemporary Developments in Global HRM, studied at Brix Academy - Nigeria
Tajoo Nidaa Bibi
For nearly 2 years since I joined work, I have been thinking about what further studies to pursue until I came across the ABE website where I learnt that it offers professional courses at affordable...
Nidaa Bibi Tajoo, Mauritius- Top Paper Award in Integrated Marketing Communications, studied at SNIT Business School - Mauritius
Sona Mugunthan
ABE has helped me think of creative solutions when faced with difficult situations and has encouraged thinking outside the box.
Sona Mugunthan, Zambia – Top Paper Award in Dynamic Business Environments, studied at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) - Zambia
Prince Ganizani Matola
In Malawi, having an ABE qualification, for example, L4, L5 and L6 a person can easily get employed in large organisations and on higher positions.
Ganizani Prince Matola, Malawi – Top Paper Award in Human Resource Management, studied at International College of Business & Management - Malawi