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ABE Endorsed

ABE Endorsed is for providers of high-quality training or centre-devised programmes.  Endorsement by ABE confirms that your course has been independently verified as being of a high standard, meeting the needs of participants and having robust quality assurance.

Benefits of ABE Endorsed

For learning providers:

  • It adds value and marketability to your programme - your course has been endorsed by an internationally renowned pioneer of business education
  • Your programme will stand out from those offered by non-Endorsed competitors
  • You can demonstrate your organisation's commitment to providing outstanding learning
  • ABE Endorsed takes the hassle out of evidencing your learners' achievements - we administer the certification process for successful participants

For learners:

  • They have confidence that the programme is credible and has high standards
  • They know their programme has been designed at the right level, meets its intended outcomes and its assessment methods are robust, secure and appropriate
  • On successful completion they gain ABE Endorsed certificate evidencing their learning - it features our branding and, as a  global leader in business education, this adds permanent value to their learning

How ABE Endorsed works

Our professional-quality assurance team will assess your programme against our quality control measures.  Once each objective has been evidenced, we will conduct an on-site visit to complete our review.  On successful completion of this process, your programme will be granted ABE Endorsed status.

Getting your programme ABE Endorsed

Step 1

Contact your local ABE representative or Head Office to discuss your requirements.  We will offer you advice on ABE Endorsed, its fees and assess whether it is right for your programme. We will then guide you through the process. 

Step 2

You will be sent the ABE Endorsed Policy and Guidance documents and an application form to complete and return to [email protected]

Step 3

You will receive a visit from an ABE Quality Advisor who will review your QMS (Quality Management System).

Step 4

Once all quality measures are successfully met, your programme is approved as ABE Endorsed and you will receive guidance on marketing and using the ABE Endorsed logo and branding.

Step 5

You can then begin delivering your ABE Endorsed programme and your learners will be issued with an internationally recognised ABE Endorsed certificate.

You can see our full ABE Endorsed client list here