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Assessments info for centres

Each unit in an ABE qualification is assessed by an examination or an assignment. 

Assessments for our Business Management-based portfolio take place twice a year (May/June and November/December), plus there is an additional assignments-only window in March.  There are a series of deadlines for these assessment sessions and accredited centres are supported by regular reminders to ensure there is plenty of time to prepare. New learners can be registered throughout the year but there are closing deadlines if they wish to take assessments in a particular session.

ABE's shorter Awards are assessed by assignment and operate on a rolling six week turn around from submission.

Please note:  assignments must be received by the assignment deadline.  We will not accept late assignments except under very exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of ABE, in which case there will be an additional charge to cover our incurred costs.

November/December 2020 assessment session

Registration deadline: Friday 25 September 2020

New learners wishing to take assessments this session must be registered with ABE by the registration deadline.

Assessment booking deadline: Friday 2 October 2020 

Please ensure all bookings for this assessment window are received by this date

Assignment brief release date: Monday 7 September 2020 - this is the date all assignment briefs will be published on the portal 

Exam questions release date: Monday 12 October 2020 - this is the date all open-book exam questions will be published on the portal

Exams will be in open-book format.   If your students have questions about open-book exams download our PDF icon info sheet here. A detailed guide is on the portal.

Student's submission deadline: Tuesday 17 November 2020 - this is the deadline for students to supply centres with their assignments and exam answers.

Submission deadline: Tuesday 24 November 2020 - centres must submit all open-book exam answers and assignments to ABE by close of business.

Results:  Tuesday 2 March 2021

Students' results will be published in the portal.

March 2021 (assignments only)

Assignment brief release date:  Friday 22 January 2021 - assignment briefs will be uploaded to the portal on this date.

Registration deadline: 29 January 2021 - new learners wishing to submit assignments for assessment in March must be registered by this date.

Assessment booking deadline:  Friday 12 February 2021 - this is the last date that bookings and payment for March assignments can be received.

Learners' submission deadline:  Friday 12 March 2021 - this is the deadline for learners to submit March assignments to their centre.

Centres' submission deadline: Friday 19 March 2021 - this is the deadline for centres to submit March assignments to ABE.

Results:  Thursday 27 May 2021 - learners' results will be published on the portal.

May/June 2021

Registration deadline:  26 March 2021 - new learners wishing to take May / June assessments must be registered by this date. 

Assignment brief release date:  1 April 2021 - assignment briefs will be available on the portal from this date.

Booking deadline: 16 April 2021 - bookings and payment for all May/June assessments must be received by this date.

Open-book exam release date: 23rd April 2021 - question papers for open-book exams will be available on the portal from this date (please note, learners in Malawi will not be assessed by open-book exam).

Learners' submission deadline: 21 May 2021 - all assignments and open-book exams must be submitted to your centre by this date.

Centres' submission date:  27 May 2021 - all assignments and open-book exams must be submitted to ABE by this date.

MALAWI ONLY exam week:  7 June 2021.

Results day: 2 September 2021 - results will be published on the learner's portal and shared with your centre.