Alumni stories

Your ABE story

Our alumni are making an impression in organisations around the world.

We count entrepreneurs, government ministers, CEOs and heads of department among our graduates.  They all have one thing in common - their ABE qualification gave them the knowledge they needed and the confidence to succeed.  Here are some stories from people at various stages in their ABE journey.

PATRICK MUTHENGI“ABE helped me to discover my strengths. The course equipped me well to discover my passion for marketing. My marketing skills were sharpened and my performance at work improved tremendously. As a result the management moved me from being an office messenger to a sales executive. Within a span of one year I got promoted to a territory sales manager. Afterwards I joined Mount Kenya University to do a degree in Business Management specialising in marketing. Because of ABE qualifications they gave me credit transfers which enabled me to join the 3rd year .”

With hard work and determination Patrick has worked his way up to his current position.


Tedetia Chance “After five years working as an accounts receivable clerk, I was able to get a job offer as the assistant accountant at Donemar Limited. ABE has helped me to make this change in my life.”

When Tedetia was unable to embark on full-time education she found ABE offered the solution that allowed her to pursue her academic ambitions whilst still working.

Pilirani Kalizang'oma Zimba"I would encourage those starting out to go ahead and register with ABE if you are hesitating. If you have already registered, I encourage you to continue. ABE has assisted me in my path to progression and I know it can do the same for you. Their modules are very good and they have all the necessary study resources on their website. Upon completion of the ABE syllabus, you can be exempted some modules in other courses like I was, or you can go on to the third or fourth year of a university degree."

Pilirani enjoys her busy accountancy role. She tells us how she used her ABE studies to further her career and gain exemption from further professional studies.

Picture of Patrick Davis“I have no doubt that ABE graduates are better prepared for the job market which is why my foundation gives ABE qualification holders priority in employment and this has led to all but one of our staff Snap for Charitymembers/consultants being ABE Alumni.”

Snap for Charity is a global development network, founded by Patrick and two other ABE alumni, and dedicated to help improve the lives of the less fortunate.

Picture of Beatrice Chellemben EXELCO LOGO“Studying with ABE has brought new goals in my life and made me realise that I can do better and move further in my profession.”

Beatrice is sponsored her employer, Exelco, to take ABE qualifications.  Companies are increasingly recognising how they benefit from the professional skills that ABE develops.

"Picture of SUWILANJI SIAMEMy employers recognise ABE as a qualification of efficiency. Our organisation’s Business Development Manager is an ABE graduate and so are some members of our sales and marketing department. This evidently demonstrates the organisation’s recognition of ABE as a superior qualification."

A chance meeting led commercial TV producer, Suwilanji, to choose ABE, it's a choice he has never looked back from.

Picture of Michael Eberechukwu Obasi"The advantages of ABE to me are too numerous to mention and I will always remain grateful to ABE for helping me to become a better person and also for the role it played in reshaping my future for the better."

Having built a successful business in the UK, Michael has now expanded into Nigeria and also found time to be a published author and motivational speaker.

"Picture of Alisha AlliABE offers tremendous flexibility to study and learn at your own pace which is well suited to young professionals like myself with a full-time job and extra-curricular activities.  Also, ABE offers more than theoretical learning and encourages practical thinking which is valuable when managing a company on a daily basis."

Alisha combines study with working as a manager and accountant at a large investment company.

Picture of ABE Pakistan President Muhammad Alamgir"Today’s professional world calls for dynamic individuals owning a diverse set of management skills backed by relevant qualifications. ABE provides you with a platform to adequately meet such challenging demands."

Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary achieved an ABE Advanced (now called Level 6) Diploma in Business Management in 2007.  He also holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and is a highly respected leader of organisations.  

Picture of Kevin Lewis"I studied with the goal that I must learn and understand all that I can so I can pass my exams and move on not only in the ABE program, but in my professional life where I can apply this knowledge."

Kevin has a full time job in advertising so he chose his ABE course because it offered flexible study whilst providing an in-depth understanding of professional management.