What next?

You have gained your ABE qualification - congratulations and well done. Your qualification is the beginning of your road to success, whether that be continuing your ABE studies and going on to higher level qualifications, progressing on to a university degree, or forging ahead with your career. Here are some of the options available to you:

Progress with ABE

Our qualifications go right up to a postgraduate diploma at Level 7 - from here you can top up to Masters. Go to the Qualifications section to find out more about your next ABE qualification.

Top up to a Bachelors or Masters

We have progression agreements with over 80 universities. With an appropriate ABE qualification these can provide a fast and affordable route to a Bachelors or Masters. Typically, a Level 5 ABE qualification will get you onto the second year of a Bachelors degree, a Level 6 onto the final year and our Level 7 can enable you to go straight to an MBA or Masters. Go to Find a University page for full details of agreements and entry requirements.


Employers value ABE because our qualifications develop practical workplace skills, a strong understanding of strategic business objectives and sound theoretical knowledge of business principles. This adds up to a winning combination that will make you a real asset in the workplace. Read the stories of our Alumni (past ABE students) to be inspired by their success.

Other professional studies

Should you wish to go on to specialise in a particular field, we have a agreements with a number of sector specific professional bodies. Click here to go to the Professional Exemptions page.

ABE university progression

ABE has agreements with more than 80 universities around the world. 

Graduates ABE

ABE qualifications are recognised by universities all over the world

Your ABE story

Our alumni are making an impression in organisations around the world.