Free studying membership of The Institute of Leadership




Exciting news!  From July 2024, everyone who is actively studying towards an ABE qualification can get one year's studying membership of The Institute of Leadership for no extra cost. 

This is a fantastic added value opportunity offered by our parent company.  The Institute of Leadership (IoL) is a long-established highly prestigious membership organisation dedicated to advancing best practice in leadership.  As a studying member you can access a fantastic range of leadership training tools, research and resources, that will support your career and professional development well beyond your programme of study.

Next steps

Current ABE learners need to sign up to opt-in for the IoL studying membership.  The opt-in form is being sent by email to eligible learners on 5 July and reminders will sent up to September.

In September details of all who have opted in will be sent to IoL who will dispatch the memberships.

New learners (from July 2024 onwards) will be automatically supplied with an IoL membership. Memberships will be dispatched after each new learner intake has been fully processed.  Learners who join us for the November 2024 session will receive their membership in November.