Business Management & Marketing

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Marketing provides interesting and varied career opportunities with roles that can be very creative or highly analytical, depending on where your interest lies.  It also offers the opportunity to rise to the very highest level of an organisation.   

The advantage of ABE's marketing stream is that you gain a specialism combined with general business management expertise.  Being able to offer marketing skills, along with a wide-ranging strategic understanding of business management, will provide holders of our qualifications with an enviable skill set which will prove invaluable as they progress to senior management.  It also has the potential to give a wider range of career options than a pure marketing qualification. 

Entrepreneurialism is embedded throughout the programmes.  This is another great benefit as employers value staff who demonstrate entrepreneurial abilities and, in an ever-changing job market, having the know-how to create your own business is an invaluable life skill.

In addition, our full Diplomas all carry 120 academic credits, which means they match with the stages of a Bachelors degree and offer clear academic progression.

Qualifications available