Join a business network like no other

Becoming a member of ABE means joining a network of like-minded people who want to succeed in the professional world. We are proud to include CEOs, government Ministers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and heads of departments among our members, as well as those who are just starting out.  When you join ABE you are part of a group of inspirational people from around the world.

Here are the ABE membership types:

Student Member

Student membership is for those who are starting their studies for an ABE qualification.  Your initial registration is via an ABE college or centre - click here for a list.

Associate Member (AMABE)

Associate Membership is automatically awarded to those who have completed their Level 5 Diploma or who have registered directly for the Level 6 Diploma.

Associate Members can use the letters AMABE after their name to demonstrate their level of achievement.

Member (MABE)

The next level up is Member. This is available for Level 5 Diploma holders with four years' managerial experience, and Level 6 Diploma holders with two years' managerial experience. To apply for this upgrade, please download the application form below.  

PDF iconFull_Membership_Application_Form_.pdf

Members may use the letters MABE after their name in recognition of their level of achievement.