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Joining ABE and keeping your details up to date.

The level you register for depends on your past education and work experience.  Your centre will recommend the best level for you.  For details of our entry guidelines, please see here.

If you hold a qualification from either another professional body or university which is similar in content and level to the ABE Level 4, 5 or 6 qualifications, you might qualify for exemptions from some ABE examinations.

If you wish to find out if there are unit exemptions available to you before you register with us, please send a letter or an email to us with copies of your qualifications

Click this link to find an ABE accredited centre in your country.  Before enrolling check your college is accredited by ABE.  We have a strict quality assurance process which is undertaken annually and only centres which pass this process are accredited.  It means that the tutors are well qualified, and the centre is reliable, and up to date with learning outcomes and the latest assessment methodology.

Do not register for an ABE qualification at this centre as all ABE accredited study centres are on our website.  You should not study at an unaccredited centre, as it means that tutors may not be appropriately qualified and the college won’t have access to the tuition resources and updates that will support your learning, nor will they be able to manage your assessments.

If the centre is offering its own courses, it may be that it is ABE Endorsed which means we have quality assured their programmes.  You can see a list of endorsed clents here.

ABE does not provide distance learning.

Some of our accredited centres may offer distance learning and whether remotely or face to face we advise enrolling at an ABE centre as the best way to gain the knowledge you need to achieve an ABE qualification. Click here for a list of ABE centres which support self-study or distance learning.

If it is not possible to enrol with a centre then you can follow a self-study route using the tuition resources available to you as a member.   More information about self-study can be found here.

If your country is not listed on the country search it means there are no centres there at the current time.  If you wish to register as a private learner, you can still access ABE qualifications via self-study using ABE study resources.   In this instance, you should register, pay your membership and book all your assessments direct here via our secure online portal hosted by Convera GlobalPay.

Private learners can submit their assessments directly to ABE. We will email registered private learners shortly before the submission date.

Please email us immediately so that you don't risk missing important communications.

Please email us with a copy of your ID confirming the correct spelling of your name.  We will then update your records accordingly.

If your name has changed, you must email us or write to us and provide a copy of your marriage certificate, deed poll or affidavit in your email.

The name recorded is the same name that will appear on your certificate. This information is used for the production of ABE qualification certificates and names are not normally changed after your qualification certificate has been issued.

If you wish to change the qualification you have been registered on (by programme or level), please email us.

You do not have to book an assessment straightaway you can book your exam or assignment whenever you feel ready, but if you want to be assessed in a particular session please note the deadlines for registering and booking available here on the assessment page.

You can register at any time but if you want to take assessments in a particular session, you need to ensure you are enrolled in time. Please check here to see key dates for forthcoming assessment sessions.  

You can enrol at a centre or via our secure online payment portal here (please do not use this if you are in Malawi or Sri Lanka)

Your registration will expire after one year. There is an annual subscription to keep your membership active.

Your ABE membership number must be carried with you throughout all of your studies even if you have taken a break or decided to study with a new ABE accredited centre.  If your membership has lapsed you can simply re-activate your membership (there is no additional charge for this just the standard subscription). If you change study centre you must provide your existing ABE membership number to your new centre.  Please email us if you do not know what your membership number is.

Students from outside the UK, would normally need a Visa to study in UK, please contact UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) for up to date information.

If your question about joining ABE is not listed here please email: [email protected]

ABE qualifications

There are a host of important benefits to holding a regulated qualification and, generally, a regulated qualification is accepted as being of superior quality (technically in the UK non-regulated courses should not be referred to as qualifications).  Here is a link to a blog which provides details of the difference between the two.

The levels refer to the level of learning required to complete the qualification. Qualifications at the same level are therefore broadly similar (or equivalent) in the level of learning, or depth of knowledge, required.

See the chart below 

QCF / RQF Level Other Qualifications at the same level
Level 3 UK Foundation Degree, UK 'A' level, BTEC National Cert
Level 4 BTEC Professional Diploma, first year of 3 year Bachelors degree course
Level 5 HND, Higher Diploma, second year of 3 year Bachelors degree course
Level 6 Bachelors Degree, Graduate Diploma

This refers to the number of hours of teaching and supervised assessment you would normally need to receive in order to pass the qualification.  It is not the total learning time (which is referred to as Total Qualification Time (TQT), so you also need to allow time for self-study such as reading, revision and research. 

The qualification specifications state the total qualification time so use these to assess your self-study hours (higher-level qualifications have less guided learning and require more individual research and reading).

NQF, QCF and RQF are frameworks created by the UK government's qualifications regulator, Ofqual.  The RQF is the current framework and the one on which current ABE qualifications sit.  

ABE offered QCF qualifications up until March 2017 with the last exam session taking place in December 2017.  The NQF was prior to the QCF.

2022 was the last year in which learners who passed some units can transition from QCF to RQF - since 2023 learners who have not completed ABE qualifications with QCF units would have to apply for credit exemptions in the usual way.

Credits are assigned to regulated qualifications and recognised by universities in many countries. The credits you achieve through some qualifications may count towards others, if you have covered similar learning outcomes at a comparable level. As a general rule, ten hours of learning (including both taught and self-study) equates to approximately one credit. 

ABE's full RQF diplomas at Levels 4, 5 & 6 carry 120 credits each and this matches the stages of a degree and helps to ensure there is a wide pool of universities which accept ABE qualification holders onto the next level of any related degree programmes.

You will need to complete the number of units, as shown below:  

  • Level 4 Foundation Diploma – 4 units
  • Level 4 Diplomas – 8 units 
  • Level 5 Diplomas – 6 units*
  • Level 6 Diplomas – 6 units 

All other ABE programmes are single unit qualifications.

* Applied Financial Trading is a thee unit programme.

When you enrol for an ABE qualification you will be able to access study guides and other resources to help you successfully pass your assessments.  Read more here.

If your question about ABE qualifications is not here please email [email protected]

Membership questions

To check your current status, please log in to the Members Portal. If you are unable to log in, email us.

Your membership number is on your welcome email and any correspondence or certificates that have been sent to you. If you are unable to find it, please email us confirming your full name and date of birth.

You can email us with your update. Please include your membership number and outline the changes you wish to make.

There are many benefits to being an ABE member,  Read more here.

You can either pay your annual subscription fee via your centre or you can use our secure online payment portal here.  Sri Lanka and Malawi students should not use the portal - please email [email protected] for your renewal forms.

If you do not pay your annual subscription by its due date then your account will be inactive (or lapsed) and you should complete the reactivation form and send it to us with the subscription fee. 

You must confirm your wish to cancel in writing. Please email us

Annual subscriptions are none refundable but new members can change their mind within 14 days.  Here is a link to our full refund policy

No. Your registration must be active if you wish to book an assessment. Please ensure your membership remains active throughout your qualification.


Find more information about membership here.

If your membership question is not on the list please email [email protected]

Portal questions

Are you logging into the new student portal? If not, here is the link ABE's old portal is no longer being updated and is due to be switched off at the of 2023.

You may be entering your password incorrectly so try requesting a new password.

If this does not work please email us for help.

Click on "Request new password?" on the log-in page.

If you have a different portal query please email [email protected]

Booking assessments

Assessments take place in May and November, plus we have an assignment-only window in March.  The booking deadline is approximately eight weeks before the submission deadline and we recommend booking as early as possible.

Click here for more details about the assessment timelines. Note that you must be a registered ABE member and have current membership to book exams.

Assessments can be booked via your college or directly.  You can get the forms from your college.  There is an online payment option through Convera GlobalPay - click here to go to this page.  Please do not use the online payment if you are in Sri Lanka or Malawi - instead, go to your country page for info about how to book.

Assessments for ABE's short Awards will be booked by your centre as part of the registration process.

ABE recommends taking no more than three units per session but we will not prevent you from booking more if you wish to do so.  

You can book assessments at the next qualification level without having to wait for results from the preceding level or passing all units.  For example, if you submit your final units at Level 4 in March, you can book Level 5 assessments for May prior to receiving the results from your March Level 4 units.   

We would like to stress that you should, ideally, have taken and passed the majority of assessments for the preceding qualification before booking onto the next level. This will ensure you have the greatest chance of success as each Diploma builds on the expertise you develop in the preceding programme.   


As we approach an assessment session's booking deadline it is a very busy period in the office. It can take up to five working days to process online bookings and up to 14 working days to process emailed forms after receipt. As soon as your booking has been processed, your account will automatically update.

If there is a problem with your booking, you should email us immediately confirming the correct units you should be entered for.

Once the final booking deadline has passed it will not be possible to book you for that session - you will have to wait until the next session.

You can re-sit an exam or assignment as many times as you need to in order to pass. Obviously, it's not ideal for you to have to re-take one unit many times, so do work closely with your ABE accredited centre and speak to your tutor about any areas that you are finding tricky.  We also publish lots of tips and advice as well as resources to help you successfully pass your assessment.  


We don't set a time limit on your studies as we appreciate everyone's circumstances are different and on occasions you may need to break from your studies.   Typically, people doing a full Diploma will spread their assessments over one year to 18 months.

If you have any further queries regarding booking assessments, please email [email protected]


You can view and download the assignment briefs from the members portal on the My Learning / Exam Preparation tab on the portal.

A new assignment brief will be released eight weeks before the submission deadline for each exam session and Timed OBE question papers will be three weeks before the submission deadline.

Briefs for short Awards change periodically.

No. If you failed a unit, you need to re-book for the next assessment session. You must ensure that you complete the current assignment briefs or question papers for that session.  You may re-use relevant elements such as the company profile.

You submit assessments in May and November.  There is also an extra window just for assignments in March.  You cannot submit after the deadline so please click here to see all the assessment timelines.

No.  The deadline for the submission is necessary to ensure that everyone has an equal length of time to work on their assessment.  Without this, assessments would not be fair.

The assessment team work closely with experienced subject matter experts to ensure that the time frame given for the completion of assignment timed OBEs is comfortable for you to produce the answers to the required standard.  They have also taken into account that you may be taking several assessments and have allowed time for this accordingly.

Yes. However, the best way to optimise marks is to read the questions and then look at different companies to see which best suits the subject matter and provides the best case studies for the topic being assessed, this will allow you to back up theory with great real-life examples. 

In the first instance, you should always contact your study centre. If you have any further queries, please contact the Assessment Team by email: [email protected].

Please note ABE cannot provide individual tuition advice.

All assessments should be submitted via your centre unless you have registered as a private learner.  In this instance we will email you details of how to submit to ABE directly. Further information is available in the Submission Guidance documents in the library section of the portal. 

If you have any further queries regarding assessments please email: [email protected] - remember we cannot help with teaching-related questions so always speak to your ABE accredited centre in the first instance.

Results and certificates

The results release date for each session is published on your portal dashboard and on the assessment page of this website - see here.  You view your results in the My Learning section of your portal and your centre will also be able to advise of your results.

NB: short awards work on a six week turn around.

Yes. Once you have logged into your ABE account, historical results are available on your portal if you click the ‘My Learning’ tab then click ‘Results’. 

If you don’t receive your results by the published date, you should contact your study centre in the first instance.  If you have any further enquiries about your results, please contact the Assessment Team by email: [email protected].  

Your work will be sent to our experienced team of academic markers.  They will then mark your work against the question / brief and the learning outcomes it assessed.  Grade are issued as:

  • Fail (below 39%),
  • Pass (40% - 54%),
  • Merit (55% - 69%),
  • Distinction (70% and above).

You can access the examiners' report under the 'exam preparation' tab of your portal, after the results have been published.   These are useful preparation for assessments because they can help you assess how marks are lost and gained.

If you would like your assessment remarked, you must submit a request for an Enquiry about Results Form and fee within 10 working days of the result publish date.  

You can access the EAR form on the members portal. Completed forms should be submitted to the Admissions Team by email: [email protected] or by post to - ABE, New Malden Business Centre, 46/50 Coombe Road, New Malden, KT3 4QF.

We have rigorous processes to ensure that cheats are found.  Plagiarism, cheating or attempting to cheat is a serious offence and incurs such penalties as ABE deem appropriate.  

In the most serious cases cheats can be barred from re-taking ABE assessments.

We do not publish mark schemes for the assessments. 

ABE provides holistic feedback on the assessment performance of learners in the form of Examiner reports, these can be found on the ABE Members Portal. 

Allow around 3 months after the results are released for the certificate to reach you. Transit time does vary considerably from country to country.

If your address or centre has changed please email us to let us know (certificates are normally sent to a learner's centre).

2. Check that you do not have a current outstanding balance. If you have a current outstanding balance, your certificate will not be issued until this is paid. You can make a payment online to clear your balance or you can submit a payment by post or email using the general payment form:   

If your address is correct and you do not owe any money, please email us within three to six months of the results being issued.

You need to notify ABE before six months of the issue date to report the certificate lost and to request a replacement.

Failure to notify ABE within the six-month window means that a replacement fee will be charged.

You can order a transcript using the form below and send to us by post or email with your payment.

If you have lost your certificate, or if it has been damaged, you should complete a replacement certificate application form and send it to us with a copy of your identification and the fee.

We have a stringent process to ensure consistency and fairness throughout our marking, and results are followed up by the publication of examiners' reports. To read more about this process please click here.

However, ABE supports the right of individuals to enquire about their results. If, having submitted an EAR, you are still unhappy with the outcome you have the right to appeal. 

Full details of how to make an enquiry about results or appeal can be found in our policy available here or on the Members Portal.

Credits are assigned to regulated qualifications and recognised by many colleges and universities around the world. The credits you achieve through one qualification may count towards others, if you have covered similar learning outcomes at a comparable level. As a general rule, ten hours of learning (including both taught and self-study) equates to approximately one credit.

In the UK, each year of a three-year Bachelors degree has 120 credits.  Diplomas in our RQF portfolio also carry 120 credits and match the stages of a Bachelors degree to offer clear progression for advanced entry onto a degree.

ABE believes in rewarding success. Twice a year, we honour our highest Distinction achievers in each unit with a special Top Paper Award. Recipients and their tutors get a special certificate and the chance to publicise their achievement. All winners also receive one year's free subscription.

Read our Award Winners Stories here and throughout this site.

In the past ABE also gave a President's Prize for the highest aggregate mark at Level 6.

Certificates of unit achievement & QCF credit transfer

Certificates of Unit Achievement are available for units which have been passed and are part of qualifications taken after 2011.  

A Certificate of Unit Achievement is evidence of passing a particular academic unit which forms part of a longer qualification. 

It lists the title of the unit which has been completed successfully and indicates its credit value and level of achievement.  It does not however state the title of the overall qualification which you are working towards. 

It is useful if you need to evidence an area of academic achievement prior to completing a full qualification.  

This service is only offered for units introduced from 2012 onwards.

No, the Certificate of Unit Achievement is proof of passing an individual unit so it cannot list more than one unit.   

From receipt of completed form, with proof of identity and payment, we commit to producing your certificate in no more than seven to ten working days.  Certificates will be dispatched by post so please allow some time for transit.

Here is our credit transfer policy and application form:

If you have any further queries regarding results and certificates please email: [email protected]

Payments and your ABE account

ABE has standard global fees published here.  

Members in Sri Lanka and Malawi should check their country page.


ABE centres can take all payments on our behalf.  For many centres and learners, find going through their accredited ABE centre for payments and admin is the most straightforward route.

There is the option of learners paying us directly and this is preferred by some. The simplest method of this is usually via Convera GlobalPay for students.  

Convera GlobalPay for students (do not use if you are in Malawi or Sri Lanka go to your country page for local information)

Registration, membership, assessment and other fees can be paid using:  GlobalPay for Students. 

We work with GlobalPay because it represents a fast and reliable service that allows you to pay in your local currency via bank transfer, credit card, or by using a wide range of local online payment options including Alipay, UnionPay and more, without incurring any transaction charges.  Please allow 3-5 working days to process your payment once paid through the platform.

Link to Convera GlobalPay for Students payment page

  • Pay fees in your local currency
  • Pay online or by bank transfer 
  • Avoid fees and international foreign exchange charges from your bank
  • Get price and payment options upfront with a price comparison tool
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are received in full 
  • Easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Track your payment status by text and email

Log in to the Members Portal  to check your balance and to find out when your next annual subscription fee will be due.  If you cannot see it on the portal, please email [email protected].

A credit indicates that you have made an overpayment. An outstanding balance indicates that either a subscription fee payment is due, or that you have underpaid fees, and this must be paid as soon as possible. If you are unsure of the reason, please email us.

In order to keep your ABE membership active, you need to pay a subscription fee every year. This enables you to take ABE assessments and access all the study resources on the ABE Portal.

When your subscription is due: a reminder will appear in your portal six weeks before the due date.  We will also send a reminder email if we have your current email address. Your subscription fee payment needs to be received before the due date or your membership will lapse. It is important you have an active membership before booking assessments.


If you have previously registered with ABE and have a membership number, but your membership has lapsed, you must reactivate it using your existing number.  Use the reactivation form even if you can no longer remember your membership number (we can help you find it).

Do not register as a new member even if you intend to take up a new programme.


If you are unsure of your membership status, please email us and we will advise you whether or not your membership has lapsed.

Sri Lanka and Malawi students have slightly different forms please contact [email protected] for a copy.

You can clear an outstanding balance using a general payment form. 


Yes, here is a link to our refund policy. 


No, please note that we cannot perform any transaction unless we have the original version of the bank draft or postal order.

For card payments: please allow 5 working days for your payment to be processed. If you have authorised us to take payment from your card and it has not gone through please email us.

For cheques/bank drafts: please email us with your cheque/bank draft number so we can search on our system. If this does not show any results we may ask you to liaise with your bank and provide us with the following information:

  • Date of encashment of the cheque
  • Account number and sort code in which the cheque/bank draft has been paid
  • A copy of the front and back of the cheque/bank draft if it has been presented by ABE

For payments via Convera GlobalPay please allow five working days

If your question is not answered please email [email protected]

Adding same-level qualifications

You can add to your qualification portfolio by taking additional units. For example, a learner who has successfully completed Level 5 Business Management could choose two optional units from Level 5 Business Management & Human Resources to gain an additional L5 qualification.

Restrictions to this include:

  • Learners must have completed the initial pathway certification to then utilise the additional same-level qualification option.
  • This service is only available on a pathway parallel to the completed qualification
  • Only one additional same-level qualification is available at a time, i.e. learners cannot sit simultaneously the elective modules for Human Resources and Marketing
  • Only available on qualifications from the current syllabus (introduced in 2018)

Simply complete the form and pay the £30 additional Diploma fee, once this has been processed you can register for the additional elective modules via the normal routes.

Yes, you can sit additional Level 4 electives whilst still working towards your Level 5 Diploma. Likewise Level 5 and 6.

If you have any further queries related to your account please email: [email protected]

After ABE, what next?

ABE has formal progression (or top-up) agreements with many universities around the world, including an exclusive arrangement with the University of Hertfordshire. For more information and to find a suitable university please click here.

In addition, the academic credits which our qualifications carry match the stages of a degree at Level 4 to 6. These credits are widely accepted by universities so many other institutes accept ABE qualifications with exemptions onto their related degree programmes so, if your preferred provider is not on our list, it is worth checking with them directly. Please note, unless you are applying for our University of Hertfordshire top-up you will need to apply to the university in person.

ABE qualifications are designed to help you make a real difference in the workplace.  Time and again we hear how ABE graduates are valued by their employer.  Our qualifications can help you to get a better position, increase your confidence in your current role, gain a promotion, set up your own business or to change careers. You can read about all our members great achievements on our testimonial pages. 


ABE Endorsed

To check whether a programme is ABE Endorsed click here for a list of current providers.  

ABE Endorsed is for courses or training, developed by other providers, which has been quality assured by ABE.  We check the provision is of high quality and fit for purpose, and provide certification to evidence learning, but not formal qualifications. 


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and hope that any issues you have can be resolved without becoming a serious matter. 

However, if you do have a complaint, please email [email protected]. We aim to resolve all complaints within 10 days of receipt, but it can take longer if the problem is a complicated one. 

If you have a general query or question about any of ABE’s products or services, or if you would just like to give us some feedback, please email our general email address: [email protected].