ABE Ambassadors

Our ABE Ambassadors are individuals who have achieved success in their careers and are passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge with others. They come from diverse backgrounds and have unique stories to tell.

The role of the ABE Ambassador is to encourage and motivate learners starting out on their ABE journey so they can believe in their potential and go on to achieve their ambitions. This role embodies the ABE way values which are about giving back and making a difference. If you are interested in becoming an ABE ambassador, apply now.

Meet our Ambassadors

Sri Lanka
Sanjeevika Dissanayake
Student Support and Engagement Officer & ABE Ambassador

As centre head of the Institute of Universal Higher Studies (IUHS Campus) (up to 2022), Sanjeevika has shown exceptional dedication. To inspire her students she elected to take all six Level 6 units in a single sitting despite dealing with the challenge and demands of running a busy centre during a pandemic #ABEway. Not only did she do this, she also managed to achieve a Top Paper Award. She then went on to sit every Level 6 unit in every stream so that, in addition to developing her own skillset, she will speak from the heart when she recommends the programmes to prospective students.

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Selveena Parmanum
Photography entrepreneur & ABE Ambassador

Along with the key knowledge and skills Selveena learnt from her ABE course, she has shown that she is able to make her business survive in an ever-changing business environment.  In her role as ABE ambassador Selveena has shown an outstanding commitment to support and encourage those starting out on their ABE journey. Selveena’s commitment to supporting ABE learners has led to her being nominated for a Commendation for Services to Education. 

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Dr. David Yevugah
Director of Corporate Affairs & Human Resource & ABE Ambassador

David is currently the Director of Corporate Affairs & Human Resources for Keda Ghana Ceramics Ghana Limited and an Adjunct Lecturer at three universities in Ghana. He previously worked for the Ghana Police Service and began studying ABE in 2008 while working as a police officer. He chose ABE for its learning resources and recognition by UK universities and used his qualification as a springboard to transform his career.

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William Khondowe
Founder of Lowkey Solutions & ABE Ambassador

William has a passion for business and marketing and pursued ABE qualifications, which helped him secure employment and advance his career. He highly recommends ABE for its comprehensive, practical approach to learning and its integration of entrepreneurship. ABE's affiliations with various institutions also make it convenient to progress to higher levels of education, enhancing academic achievements.

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May Brany Aung
Managing Director & ABE Ambassador

May Brany Aung, also known as Ariana, is the Managing Director at Zaw Electric Supplies and a teacher at ConceptX International School. She has successfully completed her ABE Level 6 Diploma through RPDA Academy and holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Hertfordshire.

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Rucia Hanyangha Shipena
Business Registration & ABE Ambassador

''I studied Business Management, and I would say studying with ABE really helped me pursue my dream, it opened doors for me to get admission into university and obtain my Bachelors degree. ABE is an excellent stepping stone into the Degree of your choice. I never regret studying with ABE because I am who I am today all thanks to ABE. While studying I have learned a number of management skills which made my studies at university easier to understand. Like they said hard work always pays. It takes hard work, determination, persistence, and commitment to achieve whatever you desire.''

Madalo Haji
Energy Desk Manager & ABE Ambassador

Madalo is currently employed as the Energy Desk Manager at Afro-Egypt Engineering Ltd where she oversees fuel management in telecommunication towers. Having started her career as a Secretary, she obtained a diploma in Business Management in 2009 which led to her finding jobs in reputable organisations. She has worked for highly reputable non-governmental organisations both locally and internationally and is confident when speaking in high-profile meetings due to her qualifications with ABE. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Guidance and Counselling.

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Abdou Salam Jallow
Internal Auditor & ABE Ambassador

Abdou works as an Internal Auditor for the Directorate of Internal Audit under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. After completing his ABE qualification, he was promoted multiple times and is now pursuing a Masters. The ABE qualification gave him the knowledge and skills to perform in a high-level.

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Maxwell Sellassie Gaewu
Executive Assistant & ABE Ambassador

Maxwell Sellassie Gaewu is a Administrative Executive for GOIL PLC, a leading oil marketing company in Ghana. He began his career as a Marketing Executive for an IT consulting firm before moving on to his current position. He holds a Level 6 Diploma from ABE and used it to pursue a Masters degree in Project Management.

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Vishaya Sadasing-Mahadu
Trainee Associate Banker & ABE Ambassador

Vishaya works as a Trainee Associate Banker at SBI (Mauritius) Limited. She holds ABE Level 5 and 6 diplomas, which allowed her to become an MQA-approved trainer and a lead trainer at NPCC. She recently completed her MBA specialised in Hospital Administration.

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Gabriel Siaw Antwi
Teacher & ABE Ambassador

Gabriel Siaw Antwi from Ghana completed his Level 6 Diploma in Human Resource Management at Pentecost University back in 2021. He joined ABE in order to further his education and says that the skills and knowledge he gained have helped him to be more efficient and effective in his current role as a Teacher and Journalist.

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Trasizio Malumbo Ngoma
Bursar & ABE Ambassador

Trasizio studied HRM with ABE which allowed him to enrol in his third year at university where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in HRM. He has worked in marketing, courier services, banking, and as an enumerator before being hired as a Bursar at Naminjiwa Community Technical College. He advises learners to be confident in their choice of ABE qualifications, as they are recognised by regulatory bodies and employers rate them highly.

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Anthony Kobina Ampong
Assistant Programme Officer & ABE Ambassador

Anthony successfully completed his ABE Level 6 qualification in 2018. He then worked in the Accounts unit of his current organisation for a mandatory one-year national service, which was later extended. Following this, Anthony was offered a permanent position in the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation department, where he currently works as an Assistant Programme Officer.

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Monica Afi Akakpo
Outsourcing Senior Analyst & ABE Ambassador

Monica pursued a degree in Accounting and a Masters in International Finance with Business Management. Her ABE journey taught her valuable life lessons about resilience and setbacks, which have guided her approach in both her personal and professional life.

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Maxwell Georges
Jean Maxwell Georges
Training Consultant, Lecturer & ABE Ambassador

''ABE is of higher innovative standard genuinely prepares you personally and professionally to face unexpected challenges proactively, efficiently and effectively in every set of life. Thank you ABE for helping and supporting me to become a better confident communicator, and a trustworthy person as well.''

Davie Nahawa
Human Resource Manager & ABE Ambassador

Davie Nahawa from Malawi works as HR at Angaliba TV and Radio and is the owner of DANA Investments, which offers various products and services such as agribusinesses and branding services. He attributes his success to the skills he gained through studying with ABE.

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Trinidad and Tobago
Eon Brumigin
Asset/Property Manager & ABE Ambassador

Eon Brumigin, is the Asset/Property Manager for The Incorporated Trustees of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. Eon earned his ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with First-Class Honours awarded by the University of Hertfordshire. 

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Bisent Khuluso
Control Room Officer & ABE Ambassador

Bisent holds a Malawi School Certificate of Education and an ABE Level 6 Diploma in Business Management. He started studying ABE Level 4 in Business Management while working as a security guard for Ursa Security International in 2016. He completed ABE Level 4 Diploma in December 2016 and Level 5 and 6 while working with G4S as a trooper. Bisent believes that having ABE qualifications has given him a wide range of career opportunities and equipped him with various business management and strategic planning skills.

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Aung Kyaw Kyaw
Assistant Manager & ABE Ambassador

Aung Kyaw Kyaw is a General Manager of WIN Gold and Jewellery. He says ABE helped him understand the business industry better, opening doors to diverse career opportunities. He enjoys the dynamic and challenging work environment and finds problem-solving gratifying. Aung advises unwavering commitment, practical application, time management, and seeking guidance when needed to succeed in your studies with ABE.

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Nauzeer Muhammad Aadil
Self Employed & ABE Ambassador

Aadil is a dedicated, efficient, and hard-working employee who finds satisfaction in achieving difficult targets and tasks. In his customer-facing role, he enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and has developed skills in problem-solving and patience. Having worked as a Store Manager for Sunlight, he has gained valuable experience in leadership and operational efficiency.

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Phillip Jere
Postal Officer & ABE Ambassador

Phillip Jere is a goal-oriented person and is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He holds an Associate degree in Business Management from the University of the People.

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Vrunda Shivji Gajparia
Sales Executive & ABE Ambassador

Vrunda completed her Diploma in May 2023. She currently works as a Sales Executive at Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital, marketing their services to patients and corporate partners. She enjoys exploring new opportunities, competitor analysis, and meeting new people. She recommends ABE studies for students, as it offers a wide range of qualifications and job opportunities and prepares students for the real world.

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Michael Asumang Obese
Relationship Officer & ABE Ambassador

Asumang Obese Michael is passionate about sports, comedy, and education. He currently works as a Relationship Officer at SIC Life S & L, a finance house in Ghana that specialises in fixed deposit investment, savings, and loans. He graduated with a Diploma in Business Management from ABE from Pentecost University in 2019.

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Sneha Selvanee Garibah
Customer Associate & ABE Ambassador

By enrolling with ABE in Business Management, it has offered Selvanee various advantages, by providing a solid foundation in business principles and management practices. It has opened doors to entry-level management positions and it has also served as a stepping stone for her career advancement.

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Felistus Lunguzi
Administrative Assistant & ABE Ambassador

''Studying for an ABE qualification has been one of the most interesting and life changing journey for me. I joined ABE in 2020 after being withdrawn from one of the prestigious public Universities in Malawi. I developed so much love for my program and every now and then things even got more interesting because of how innovative and adaptive ABE is to the dynamics of the world. The level of flexibility and consideration in terms of decision-making and fee payment is something that should never go unappreciated. I am now working as an Admin Assistant and planning to go further for a degree with the foundation ABE gave me.''

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Sylvester Nifah
Senior Account Technician & ABE Ambassador

Sylvester received his ABE qualifications from Pentecost University in Ghana. He then was able to secure a job with his diplomas. He advises ABE students to take their studies seriously as an advanced diploma is equivalent to a Bachelors degree and can lead to employment opportunities.

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Lotie Banda
Clerk Officer & ABE Ambassador

Lotie Banda is a Clerk Officer at Malawi Local Government, Fisheries Department. He says ABE provides a well-structured and flexible study guide that has helped shape his understanding of the business environment and provided him with the skills to manage people efficiently and effectively.

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Telefina Tiyese Mwanza-Musa
Sales Administrator & ABE Ambassador

Telefina holds an ABE Level 6 Diploma in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business. She has completed most of her ABE courses through self-study and was able to complete her ABE qualifications due to its flexibility. She has over 10 years of experience in administration and office management and has worked for various international organisations.

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Salih Mohamed Seif El Mauly
Business Administration Graduate & ABE Ambassador

Salih is a hardworking and disciplined graduate from Tanzania. He initially was not interested in business but found ABE program comprehensive and engaging, covering a wide range of topics including soft skills like communication and problem-solving. Salih’s ABE qualification allowed him to pursue a degree in Business Administration and he is now also studying Human Resource Management. He advises future ABE students to be consistent and disciplined in their studies to be successful.

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