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This page is for universities interested in offering learners progression onto a Bachelors or Masters (if you are from a university which wishes to teach ABE qualifications the  "Accreditation" tab is more applicable).

More than half of all ABE qualification holders top-up to a Bachelors or Masters degree. This means confirming credit exemptions for our learners gives your institute access to thousands of motivated and skilled students looking for a great university.  To help you reach these learners, universities which confirm favourable progression for ABE qualifications are supported as follows:

  • A full-page listing on our website with links from relevant qualification pages as well as the university search tool
  • A new agreement announcement in our web news section
  • A new agreement announcement through our key social media channels

To benefit from this support your institute simply needs to confirm favourable progression opportunities for ABE learners, please fill in the enquiry form to receive our qualification specifications and learn more.

(if you are a learner looking for a university please click here). 

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