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Campaigns and impact

Making a difference to the communities we serve

Our campaigns, press activity and social impact sit in this area of the website. As a not-for-profit organisation with a strong social mission, we care deeply about making a positive contribution to the markets we serve.  Our programmes develop skills which improve the lives of individuals and the prosperity of communities and we seek to have an impact beyond the products and services we offer #ABEway.  We fund and share independent research which supports policy development in business and entrepreneurship education around the world.

Our reports & commitments

Our journey: 50 years of social impact
Our journey: 50 years of social impact

ABE was formed in 1973 with a clear social purpose: to make good quality business education accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs and managers everywhere. Since then we have been making a difference, positively impacting the lives of individuals, organisations and communities all over the world. This celebratory brochure tells our unique story and provides a manifesto for the next 50 years.

ES Pledge
Our Environmental & Social (ES) Impact Pledge & Partners

Our ES Pledge focuses on three impact pathways - our People, our Planet, and our Partners. The Pledge builds on the ABE way manifesto and underpins our commitment to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that we embrace best-practice in all our policies and operations.  It also leverages the power of our network by working with our global partners to deliver real change.

ABE way manifesto image
The ABE Way

‘The ABE Way’ is our commitment to support our learners and partners to help them embrace uncertainty and to turn risk into opportunity.  It's also a collection of beliefs, aspirations and behaviours.  The ABE Way is about giving back, making a difference and using business to build a better future for us all. 

Educating Future Founders

Educating Future Founders is the largest ever research-led international study into entrepreneurial education. The report highlights a compelling case for teaching entrepreneurship to all children from the age of eleven.


Management matters
Business Stay-up

This campaign, based on an independent analysis of 10,500 business owners across 21 countries, argues for providing entrepreneurs with access to appropriate management training in order to significantly reduce business failure.

Adapted assessment
White paper: adapting assessments

Quickly adapting assessments in response to COVID-19 resulted in ABE learners avoiding much of the disruption faced by students elsewhere. This paper shares lessons learned and outline recommendations to policymakers.

Global learners
The Global Learners Survey 2020/2021

This report is from an international survey of learners which looks at the impact of COVID-19 on aspirations and expectations. The findings highlight an increased demand for entrepreneurial skills in the wake of the pandemic.

Social impact

Making a difference
Making a difference

Our programmes make a difference to people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged regions. We develop skills in business and entrepreneurship that empower individuals, reduce gender inequality and tackle extreme poverty.

Media centre

This is where you can find our press releases and any media coverage featuring ABE or its management. Press enquiries should initially be emailed to [email protected]