About ABE assessments

ABE qualifications are assessed by assignments and timed open-book exams (Timed OBEs) and provide the most up to date and relevant assessments available. These assessments develop skills that help our learners become an invaluable asset in the workplace with a contemporary mindset able to apply knowledge to offer business solutions and critical analysis. Our assessments also develop sought-after abilities such as evaluating information,  report writing and time management.

Finally, the assessments also provide superb preparation for academic progression as they are closely aligned to the type of assessments used by leading universities. 

Read more about this in a blog by ABE's Chief Executive here.

About Timed OBEs

Timed OBEs require you to prepare throughout your learning, keeping detailed notes from lectures, studies guides and wider reading.  Once the question papers are published you will have three weeks to complete your answers.  ABE will provide you with a breakdown of how many words are expected per question.  Unlike traditional timed exams, you will have access to your notes throughout the answering process as Timed OBEs are not testing memory, instead, the examiner wants to see that you understand how to apply what you have learned to a real-world business scenario.

ABE members can read our Timed OBE Guide in the library section of the portal.

About ABE assignments

Assignments also test your ability to apply knowledge to real-world scenarios.  Compared to Timed OBEs you have a much higher word count and you can complete them over several weeks (they are usually published eight weeks before the submission date).  This means they require greater research and learners have more control over the format of the work and more narrative is required.

ABE members read our Assignment Guide in the library section of the portal.

Here's a picture summary showing the difference between the two formats:

OBE v assignments