ABE Endorsed programme criteria guide

We welcome applications to endorse programmes which fit into the broad category of business administration, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship and any economic activity which may take place in a range of industries, including advertising, agriculture, business start-up, conservation, creative industries, community services, community development, complementary therapies management, digital knowledge, entertainment, facilities management, fashion design and textiles, finance, food production, gaming, governance, hotels and hospitality, housing and property, international trade, internet, IT user, information, justice management, libraries and museums, logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, media, production, public sector administration, programming, retail, sports and leisure management, sustainability and environmental services, teaching adults, technology, telecommunications, travel and tourism, and wellbeing.

Please be advised that we are unlikely to accept applications to endorse any courses related to animal management, the manufacture of armaments, aviation, biomedical services, chemicals occupations, childcare, construction, electrical installation, hair and beauty services and therapy, heating and ventilation, the delivery of health and social care services, legal professions, military professions, mining, plumbing, public safety, security, or public transport operatives. This list is not exhaustive, and ABE will endorse programmes at its sole discretion. ABE Endorsed programmes are non-accredited CPD and do not provide credit accumulation and transfer.

If you are unsure if ABE Endorsed is appropriate for your organisation please complete our email enquiry form here.