About ABE for schools

Our offer for schools focuses on ‘Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Leaders’, with the goal of engaging children from the age of 11 to adopt an entrepreneurial and curious mind-set and be awakened to the possibilities that business, leadership and entrepreneurial studies can open-up. 

We offer programmes which allow schools to enhance their curriculum and stand out from the competition by recognising the importance of business and entrepreneurial studies and ensuring that their students are employable when they are ready to make the move to work, or alternatively can identify opportunities to start and run a viable enterprise - an invaluable life skill.

Our programmes are:

  • Flexible: they can be delivered as short or longer programmes of study and can be incorporated into your curriculum or offered as an additional activity
  • Supported: they come with all the resources needed to teach the subject straightaway
  • Progressive: they prepare students for the next level of business studies and ignite enthusiasm for the subject

Read our blog with findings from one school introducing ABE Endorsed KidsMBA here.