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About ABE for Schools

Developing future leaders


Our offer for schools focuses on ‘Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Leaders’.  Our goal is to engage children from the age of 11 to adopt an entrepreneurial and curious mindset, awakened to the possibilities that business, leadership and entrepreneurial studies can open up whilst being aware of the bigger picture such as issues around sustainability. 

We offer a programme which allows schools to enhance their curriculum and stand out from the competition by recognising the importance of business and entrepreneurial studies so they can ensure that their students are employable when they are ready to make the move to work, or alternatively can adapt and identify opportunities to start and run a viable, sustainable enterprise - an invaluable life skill.

Our programmes are:

  • Flexible: they can be delivered as short or longer programmes of study and can be incorporated into your curriculum or offered as an enrichment activity
  • Supported: they come with all the resources needed to teach the subject straightaway
  • Progressive: they prepare students for the next level of business studies and ignite enthusiasm for the subject

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See our ABE for Schools brochure here:  


Research campaign: Educating Future Founders

Educating Future Founders is supported by one of the largest ever research-led studies into entrepreneurial education for school-age children.  The report, produced by The Entrepreneurs Network and sponsored by ABE, makes the case for expanding entrepreneurial education to all children from the age of eleven. 

The study was launched with a high profile online event attended by an international audience of delegates. Speakers, including  Rt Hon. Baroness D'Souza CMG and Dr Lisa Cameron MP, urged governments and those responsible for education policy to adopt the report's recommendations.  Embedding entrepreneurialism into the curriculum will give young people the skills to create employment, for themselves and others, and has been shown to provide better long-term life chances, equipping people with the resilience and adaptability needed for a fast-changing future.  On the back of this we launched the ABE for Schools Global Impact programme, which offers schools serving more affluent countries or markets, the opportunity to twin with low-income schools in low GDP countries.


Enhance your curriculum with entrepreneurial education

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