ABE Endorsed

Abe Endorsed - The international Mark of Quality

ABE is pleased to offer ABE Endorsed to providers of high quality in-house training. This internationally recognised mark of quality confirms excellence, thereby increasing the programme's value and marketability.

  • ABE Endorsed demonstrates to stakeholders an organisation's commitment to providing outstanding training and development. 
  • ABE Endorsed programmes stand out from similar training offered by competitors.

For learners ABE Endorsed provides the assurance that their course is highly credible and meets international standards.  At the end of their ABE Endorsed course learners receive a certificate featuring the branding of a respected international awarding body.  An ABE Endorsed certificates provides transportable evidence of high quality CPD and learning.

What is ABE Endorsed?

External validation of independent educational programmes which require an international mark of quality and credibility. Our 'ABE Endorsed' scheme validates the quality processes associated with the delivery and assessment of programmes where completion of the programme doesn’t result in a qualification, but has an assessment attached.

Once approved, the programme is ‘ABE Endorsed’ and can be promoted as such.

ABE Endorsed gives credential holders assurance that their programme has been recognised by an international body which adheres to best practice standards. ABE has an established track record of  more than 40 years in delivering high-quality assessment and learning experiences globally. Our processes and systems are developed by experts and run according to our exacting policies and standards.

How ABE Endorsed works

Our professional quality assurance team will assess your quality systems against our quality control measures.  Once each objective has been evidenced we will conduct an on-site visit to complete our review. Subequently your programme will be granted ABE Endorsed status.

Getting your programme ABE Endorsed

Step 1

Contact your local ABE representative or  Head Office to discuss your requirements.  We will offer you advice on ABE Endorsed, its fees and assess whether it is right for your programme.  We will then guide you through the process. 

Step 2

You will be sent the ABE Endorsed Policy and Guidance documents and an application form to complete and return to centres@abeuk.com

Step 3

You will receive a visit from an ABE Quality Advisor who will review your QMS (Quality Management System).

Step 4

Once all quality measures are met, your programme is approved as ABE Endorsed and you will receive guidance on marketing and using the ABE Endorsed logo and branding.

Step 5

You are then able to begin delivering your ABE Endorsed programme and, upon successful completion, your learners will be issued with an internationally recognised ABE Endorsed certificate.

If you are representing a college, employer or training provider interested in submitting your programme to be ABE Endorsed, please email us at centres@abeuk.com