‘’I joined ABE, which was practical, and high quality. I had the flexibility of studying while working full-time. ABE is a highly valued qualification in Sri Lanka, particularly among working professionals who want to advance in their careers. ABE’s way of learning is designed in such a way that it applies to the real world.’’

Nadun Mendis

Top Paper Award in Strategy Marketing Relationships
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''ABE taught me a lot. It is flexible to study and it gives an easy pathway to a Bachelors and Masters degree. Currently, I am working as an Accounts Assistant at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts in Zambia. I am able to apply the knowledge and skills that I gained from my ABE studies at work.''

Nsama Katema

Accounts Assistant, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts
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‘’The best thing about studying with ABE is that if I complete my ABE qualification and my plan to continue with my studies is put on hold, I could find work with my ABE qualification as some employers have a good impression of ABE.’’

Hamida Mussah

Top Paper Award in Dynamic & Collaborative Teams, studied at International College of Business & Management
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''I enjoy the efficient syllabus that ABE provides to us. They are easy to understand and not time-consuming to get the key concepts. Furthermore, the assignments submission period is flexible, so I don’t feel under pressure and calmly generate ideas to write the assignments and OBE exams.''

Thet Myat Noe Oo

Top Paper Award in Managing Stakeholder Relationships, studied at WEBS College
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‘‘ABE qualifications are designed to encourage continuing professional growth. Its programmes focus on practical skills and practical use, giving students information that is immediately usable in working environments.’’

Thet Hnin Su

Top Paper Award in Analytical Decision-making, studied at Business Institute Yangon
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‘’I currently intend to finish ABE Level 5 second semester and enrol in the BA (top-up) program. I intend to continue my education after receiving my degree by enrolling in an MBA program in the UK.’’

May Ka Thit

Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at AIM Institute of Management
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Htet Wai Shen Htun
‘’ABE helps me to become a more consistent and analytical thinker, helping me become a better version of myself.’’

Htet Wai Shen Htun

Top Paper Award in International Business Economics & Markets, studied at SAGE Business School
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‘’ABE helps students to be transformational leaders that help organisations to be agile, resilient, and professional development and allows applying for jobs in any country as it has international recognition and helps most entrepreneurs to be creative, innovative, and competitive in the market.’’

Wongani Kachulu

Top Paper Award in Strategic HRM, studied at Mzuzu Technical College
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''ABE has an excellent international reputation whereby attaining one of its outstanding business careers particularly HR, is something durable and reliable in my employment and entrepreneurial ambitions. I wish to practically utilise different entrepreneurship skills, theories, and concepts I have gained from ABE in my own business in the future.''

Eric Bonface

Top Paper Award in The HR Professional, studied at Mubarak Complex College
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Hamsana Madawen
''The best thing about studying ABE is that it is known for its excellence in teaching intensive business modules in various aspects of business, highly qualified teaching team, flexibility, and affordability to build a great career.''

Hamsana Madawen

Top Paper Award in Advanced Project Management, studied at Braintree International
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