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''One of the best things about studying with ABE is its worldwide recognition in various universities proving itself to be one of the best pathways for those who want to pursue their dreams abroad.''

Racheal Ei Thinza Thein Maung

Top Paper Award in Analytical Decision-making, studied at Business Institute Yangon
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Sulaimana Duwa
‘‘I chose to study ABE because it combines and balances many different concepts that can equip me with a variety of skills such as management, project management, and entrepreneurial skills.’’

Sulaimana Duwa

Top Paper Award in Managing Agile Organisations & People, studied at International College of Business & Management
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emily dhanraj
“I am deeply honoured to receive the ABE Top Paper Award. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work that went into my research. As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. I am inspired by this belief, and I am committed to contributing to the advancement of knowledge and education. Thank you to ABE for this prestigious honour. Being recognised on such a global stage is both humbling and inspiring. My sincerest gratitude goes out to my supportive family members and closest friends, who have truly been my anchor throughout my studies. I eagerly look forward to continuing my research journey and making meaningful contributions to our field.”

Emily Dhanraj

Top Paper Award in Integrated Marketing Communications, studied at Nations School of Business & Management
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''ABE offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the business world. In Malawi, ABE is highly respected by both the public and employers. The qualifications are seen as a mark of excellence and professionalism.''

Francis Malema

Top Paper Award in Managing Stakeholder Relationships, studied at K & M School of Accountancy
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''The best thing about studying with ABE is the opportunity to acquire practical and industry-specific knowledge through flexible learning methods because of its focus on the application of theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.''

Myat Phyu Phyu Lin

Top Paper Award in Leading Strategic Change, studied at Business Institute Yangon
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Mark Sinjani
''Upon studying with ABE, I have learned how to analyse business situations, make informed decisions, and develop effective strategies. The best thing about studying with ABE is that the qualifications are internationally recognised which can be beneficial for students who want to work abroad or start their own business.''

Mark Sinjani

Top Paper Award in Innovation & Business Performance, studied at Lilongwe Technical College
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''Studying with ABE has allowed me to improve my research skills greatly, and this has improved my paper presentations in my various endeavours.''

Adegbaju Adeyemi (Philip)

Top Paper Award in Principles of HR, studied at Vega-Information Technology & Management Institute Ltd
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‘’I joined ABE, which was practical, and high quality. I had the flexibility of studying while working full-time. ABE is a highly valued qualification in Sri Lanka, particularly among working professionals who want to advance in their careers. ABE’s way of learning is designed in such a way that it applies to the real world.’’

Nadun Mendis

Top Paper Award in Strategy Marketing Relationships
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''ABE taught me a lot. It is flexible to study and it gives an easy pathway to a Bachelors and Masters degree. Currently, I am working as an Accounts Assistant at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts in Zambia. I am able to apply the knowledge and skills that I gained from my ABE studies at work.''

Nsama Katema

Accounts Assistant, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts
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‘’The best thing about studying with ABE is that if I complete my ABE qualification and my plan to continue with my studies is put on hold, I could find work with my ABE qualification as some employers have a good impression of ABE.’’

Hamida Mussah

Top Paper Award in Dynamic & Collaborative Teams, studied at International College of Business & Management
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