Joseph Yohane Kalikokha's ABE Journey


Doreen Maluk, ABE Manager celebrated 50 years of ABE in Malawi on the 20th October 2023. ABE alumnus, Joseph Yohane was a guest speaker who shared how he was able to attain his position as Nation Telesales Officer for Coca Cola Malawi thanks to ABE. Read his full testimonial below:

''My name is Joseph Yohane Kalikokha, I studied Business management with ABE at Malawi University of Business and Applied Science –MUBAS, formerly known as The Polytechnic.

I chose the ABE Business Management qualification because it is globally recognised.

Benefits for my career:

ABE has been beneficial to my career. I attained the position of Nation Telesales Officer for Coca-Cola Malawi in 2022 after being promoted from Logistics Data Systems Clerk, and I was one of the best performers at the firm.

I now have the business expertise and confidence to start my own business, whereas, before I started studying with ABE, I lacked both.

The benefits of studying with ABE include:

ABE is cost-effective and flexible since you can choose how many courses you wish to take each semester.

It is also the quickest route to enroll in a Bachelors degree program because you can proceed directly to the third year with a level 6 postgraduate diploma.

Joseph Yohane Kalikokha -Malawi University of Business and Applied Science (MUBAS)''