Leadership meets entrepreneurship

Ariana May Brany Aung

A blog by Ariana May Brany Aung, Myanmar Ambassador

Business owner Ariana has written a blog about the importance of leadership skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Please note that the blog post is entirely in Ariana's own words and reflects her experience as an entrepreneur and leader.

‘’Entrepreneur but not a leader? Leader but not an entrepreneur? What do you think? 

Entrepreneurs have a nose for knowing what is coming next and leaders know how to team up with strong connections. As an entrepreneur, we wear many hats like strategists and visionists in order to approach market trends. This blog is intended to explore the importance of leadership and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Why do entrepreneurs need leadership skills?

A role model like the founder of Alibaba, a great leader with a charismatic personality who is known for his inspiration and motivation to his team members once mentioned, ‘’Always on time with trends’’. The world is shaking, demanding, and evolving. Everyone wants to work but they do not know how and where to start. I personally think without any leadership skills, an entrepreneur is like a recipe with no ingredients. The world may compete with an entrepreneur, but it loves a leader to follow. 

Do leaders influence followers?

How many influences have you come across on social media today? Have you ever noticed how influencers are leaders too? We keep scrolling on the trends and their lifestyle, we get inspired, we follow them, and we follow their actions. A leader can also include your mother who results in a well-functioning household.

Some describe leadership as ‘the behavioural process of influencing individuals and groups toward set goals’ (Barrow, 1977). The changing nature of the working environment to stay competitive in the market is vital to all when external influences like the COVID-19 pandemic and technological evolution contribute to leadership style transformations. Entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, a charismatic leader, applied theories and survived in the industry during the pandemic with transformational leadership styles. However, a good leader is not responsible for the outcomes but responsible for the people that will make good outcomes. The lack of leadership in entrepreneurs can directly impact organisational success.

My journey to entrepreneurial leadership?

At the beginning of my journey of becoming an entrepreneur felt like I was alone in a room filled with self-doubt. I had many ideas but couldn’t see them clearly as I required everyone to believe in my vision. Trying to get people on board made me less confident. I started my career journey through a top-down approach where I didn’t understand how to inspire people.

My entrepreneurship journey before gaining any leadership skills was like I just wanted to get my job done at that moment. However, after I started applying the leadership skills that I learned through ABE, I started listening to people, adopting open communication, empowering my team, and satisfying the employees not just customers this time. 

Translating is key to any kind of relationship. I apply this theory to my team and I translate my vision to actionable steps. It was personally difficult for me to embrace challenges since I am a young woman. However, my commitment to my goals never faded! I learned to adapt, adjust, and inspire my team so my vision becomes reality.

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Global entrepreneurship drives innovation but is fuelled by great leadership. Never settle for less and lose your vision. Invest in yourself, develop your leadership skills, and transform yourself into a successful example. Drive yourself where you are the only leader in your life. A good leader is someone who inspires others to reach their full potential.’’