ABE celebrates 50 years of making a difference!

ABE 50 - anniversary logo

Happy New Year – we are particularly excited about 2023 because it’s ABE’s 50th anniversary year. 

ABE was formed back in 1973 with a clear social purpose: to make good quality business education accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs and managers around the world.  We have been making a difference, positively impacting on the lives of individuals, organisations and communities, for five decades and we have planned a year of celebrations, designed to include our members, centres and supporters.

Throughout 2023 you will see regular news, announcements and giveaways with the 50th theme – look out for #ABE50 in our social media posts!  Here are just a few of the things we have planned.

  • Commendations for services to education – we will be awarding special ABE 50 Commendations for Services to Education.  These are prestigious awards for individuals across the world who deserve to be recognised for their outstanding commitment and service to the cause of inclusive and accessible business education.  Some recipients will be high-profile public figures, but we will also be inviting centres and students to nominate ABE tutors who go above and beyond to help learners achieve their full potential and who embody the values of the ABE way.  Nomination forms will be available later in the year.  The full honours list will be published in October.
  • 50 students will get back 50% of their entire qualification fee – this opportunity is designed to offer something that could really make a difference to a number of people so, at the end of the year, 50 learners will get back 50% of their entire ABE qualification fee (excluding tuition).  This can be put towards the next ABE level, dedicated as a scholarship in your name or simply appear as a nice refund in your bank account.  This opportunity is specifically for our 50th-anniversary year active members who have studied or are studying for an ABE qualification.  The awardees will be randomly selected.  In the coming weeks, we will send all our members more information about this opportunity.  The successful awardees will be notified at the end of 2023 and the award will be provided at the beginning of 2024 – so for the lucky 50, this will also be a great start to the new year!
  • 50 ABE ambassador alumni – we will be expanding our ABE Ambassador programme to include 50 more ABE qualification holders who are now forging ahead with their careers and promoting the ‘ABE way’ values.  ABE ambassadors will be awarded a special ABE 50 Ambassador certificate and have the opportunity to encourage and mentor other young ABE learners.

This is just a taste of some of the activity that will take place during 2023.  There will be many more 50-themed promotions and also local activities so do keep in touch and follow us on your preferred social media channel.

It will be a year of celebration as befits five decades of social impact!