Belmont Prep School run KidsMBA with Global Impact Programme

We are delighted to announce that Belmont, Mill Hill Prep is the latest outstanding school to add ABE Endorsed KidsMBA to its curriculum and it is also supporting the programme’s implementation in Malawi through the ABE For Schools Global Impact Programme.

Belmont prides itself on its rigorous and diverse education that goes well beyond the national curriculum.  The school’s aim is to help pupils find their own path to success and happiness.  It encourages pupils to take risks and recognise that failure is inevitable when you are learning something new – all of which align perfectly with the entrepreneurial mindset developed by the KidsMBA programme. 

It’s also Belmont’s mission to develop thoughtful young people with a global outlook and this will be supported by the Global Impact Programme with the implementation of KidsMBA at Kings School in Malawi running concurrently.   Leon Roberts, Head, Belmont Mill Hill Preparatory School said, ‘I am incredibly excited about the KidsMBA and it will be a great addition to our Future Skills Programme at Belmont that develops skills that prepare our pupils for the future workforce but also for life where we face continuous change and uncertainty. I am most enthused about our opportunity to link up with our partner school in Malawi and feel confident that it will prove a rich and worthwhile educational experience for pupils in both Malawi and Mill Hill.’ 

ABE’s Director of Business Development, Steve Smith said, “I am so pleased Belmont, Mill Hill Prep is including KidsMBA in its year 8 curriculum and, with the Global Impact Programme, young people from different countries with very different backgrounds and life experiences will share their entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions.  It’s a fantastic way to develop global citizenship and add value to the learning experiences of children in both countries.”  

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