Calling all ABE alumni - could you be an ABE Ambassador?


As part of the #ABE50 anniversary celebrations, we would like to create a pool of alumni Ambassadors to share their stories and inspire the next generation of ABE students.

The role of the ABE Ambassador is to encourage and motivate learners starting out on their ABE journey so they can believe in their potential and go on to achieve their ambitions. This role embodies the ABE way values which are about giving back and making a difference.

You can become an ABE Ambassador if you have achieved an ABE qualification and you are now forging ahead with your career or pursuing higher academic studies. We would love to have a pool of ambassadors that ranged from those who did ABE many years ago (1973 perhaps!) to more recent ABE graduates.

As an ABE Ambassador, the support provided can take the form of sharing the story of how your career or academic journey has developed as a result of your ABE qualification and lessons learned along the way.

We know hearing from someone who has succeeded and overcome setbacks can really motivate new students when studying gets tough. Engaging and commenting on ABE’s social media channels will also help to inspire young learners.

If you wish, there may also be the opportunity to attend events and offer mentorship through ABE centres. The level of support is at the discretion of the Ambassador.

It should be stressed that the role of the ABE Ambassador is unpaid. This is important as any endorsements we publicise must be genuine and heartfelt, and not as a result of financial incentive. However, ABE Ambassadors will receive a certificate and it will be a strong addition to your professional profile.

If you are interested, please complete the form below: