Commendations for Services to Education - 2023 Honours List


As part of the #ABE50 celebrations, we have awarded prestigious Commendations for Services to Education to those who go above and beyond to embody the values of the ABE way. 

The recipients of the Commendation are deserving individuals who have made a difference to the lives of others through the advancement of education in the fields of business and enterprise. The Commendations have been awarded to those nominated by senior ABE stakeholders in their country as well as students and colleagues.  They are a way to acknowledge the exceptional work done by ABE tutors, teachers, staff and heads, as well as those involved in education in another capacity, such as working to support disadvantaged young people.  Once again they highlight that ABE has an exceptional community.

Below are the countries where recipients are based. Click on the country name below to go to the list of Commendations with the reasons behind this recognition or scroll down.

You can download the full honours list





Reason for the Commendation

Chenjerai Chishaya

Lecturer Mananga Centre for Regional Integration and Management Development

Mr Chishaya has been instrumental in delivering ABE programmes. During COVID-19, he remained resolute in his continued to support for students, helping learning continue by giving lectures online from his home.





Reason for the Commendation

His Excellency Alhaji Kamal-Deen Abdulai

Ghana Consular General to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pentecost ABE Level 6 alumni, Alhaji Kamal-Deen Abdulai, is a dedicated politician who has served in many roles under the ruling government (NPP) in Ghana. 

Ebenezer Aninkorah

ABE administrator & tutor, Pentecost University

For over a decade, Mr Aninkorah has been committed to the promotion of ABE and he has helped many students win global awards.

Dr Kofi Nyarko Gyimah

Tutor, Pentecost University

Dr Kofi Nyarko Gyimah has taught the ABE programme for over a decade and has won multiple global awards as a tutor.

Dr Paul Apreku Gyan

Tutor, Pentecost University

Dr Gyan has taught;the ABE programme for over a decade and has won multiple global awards as a tutor.

Lawrence Nyarko

ABE administrator & tutor, Zenith University College

Mr Nyarko has been committed to the promotion of ABE at Zenith University for over a decade. He has also won global awards as a tutor.

Ramsay Saiper

Tutor, Zenith University College

Mr Saiper has been committed to the promotion of the ABE programme at Zenith University for over a decade. He has also won global awards as a tutor





Reason for the Commendation

Geetanjali Sukhdeo

ABE administrator, ATC Accountancy Training Centre

Ms Sukhedo has supported ABE students in her role at ATC for many years and continues to play a significant role in the development of our students particularly in the area of them completing our quals, progressing to higher levels of education and even securing jobs. 

Nico McAdam

Lecturer, ATC Accountancy Training Centre

Mr McAdam has gone above and beyond for the students by applying and breaking down the structure of the syllabus so that it is understood by every student, and at the same time, he makes learning fun. 

Dr Brian O’Toole

Founder, Nations School of Business and Management

Dr O'Toole is a stalwart of education and has shaped the landscape of higher education in Guyana and ABE's footprint in the country. Beyond Guyana, he has worked on schemes to help disadvantaged people, such as refugees, access ABE education. His work has been truly inspirational.

Pamela O’Toole

Co-Founder, Nations School of Business and Management

Alongside her husband, Pamela O'Toole is a stalwart of education and has shaped the landscape of higher education in Guyana and ABE's footprint in the country.

Shauna Jupiter

ABE administrator, Nations School of Business and Management

Ms Jupiter is a graduate of ABE who has gone on to accomplish a Masters Degree. She supports and encourages ABE students and goes above and beyond the requirements of her role.





Reason for the Commendation

Ndungu Nyoro

Founder & Team Leader, Affecto Foundation

Mr Ndungu Nyoro is the founder of Affecto Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the cause of 'watoto wasome' (children should study). The foundation aims to identify academically gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds who would otherwise not have access to high school education. Thanks to the efforts of the Affecto Foundation and their watoto wasome initiative, hundreds of children in Kenya have been positively impacted and given the chance to pursue their secondary education.

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe

President, Tegla Loroupe Foundation

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe is a renowned advocate for global peace, women's rights, and education. As a Kenyan long-distance track and road runner, she has achieved remarkable feats, including holding world records for 25 and 30 kilometres and becoming the first African woman to hold the World marathon record. Following her retirement from athletics, Ambassador Loroupe dedicated herself to educational and peace initiatives. She has actively championed girls' education and has been instrumental in promoting peace across a conflict-prone region of Kenya. Ambassador Tegla Loroupe's remarkable accomplishments both on and off the track make her an inspirational figure, driving positive change and making a lasting impact in the Kenyan community and beyond.

Dr Evans Onditi

Lecturer, Jaffery Institute

As a long-standing ABE lecturer, Dr. Evans' academic journey serves as a source of inspiration for many ABE students. He started on his educational journey with an ABE diploma course and advanced through the ranks to earn his Bachelors and Masters degrees, and ultimately, a prestigious PhD from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. 

Kellen Gaitung'u

Lecturer, SCLP Samaj College

It's a testament to Ms Kellen's teaching that she received more student nominations for a commendation than any other lecturer worldwide.  Her students tell us she is an amazing lecturer, who is always helpful, kind and professional.  Ensuring her students are motivated and fully understand the syllabus.





Reason for the Commendation

Shadreck Shaba

Lecturer,  Assemblies of God University

Students tell us that Mr Shaba has been instrumental in helping them do well in assessments saying, he knows how to teach but not spoon feed so his classes gain practical and theoretical knowledge. He helps students new to assignments face ABE assessments with confidence.

Betty Tadala Maunde

ABE administrator, ICBM 

As a former student of ABE, Sister Betty is a strong role model who has shown to be resilient and hardworking. If a student is facing challenges, she will find ways to help them. She is a real team player, who can deal with any situation that may arise.

Nawanga Shaban

Lecturer, ICBM

Mr Shaban has been instrumental in realising the college’s primary goal of making higher education attainable to marginalised societies or communities. His passion, commitment, humility, and dedication have been exceptional. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when schools were closed making the education of underprivileged learners difficult, he managed to keep his learners up to date with what they are supposed to learn using his own personal initiatives. He proved his leadership by maintaining his class of learners and motivating them to keep going with their studies.

Tione Makawa

ABE administrator, MUBAS Management Development Centre - UMMC

Ms Makawa has made an impact on the lives of ABE students for over 10 years. She is responsible for recruiting students at the centre and makes an effort to explain the qualifications and processes in detail. She is very proactive and always conducts orientations before the students start classes motivating them to work hard so they can further their studies. She also dedicates her own time to ensure assessments are submitted on time and correctly.

Francis Kachere

Lecturer,  PACT College

Mr Kachere is a highly conscientious lecturer who makes sure that all students are attentive and fully engaged with their subject.  He helps students cement their learning by conducting further research and finding examples of theory in practice from real-life businesses. This helps his classes prepare for assessments and put their learning to practical use in the workplace.

Madalitso Banda

ABE co-ordinator,  PACT College

Ms Banda has demonstrated a true commitment to helping others advance academically and improve their life chances.  Through her role at PACT, she has shown excellence in mentoring and student welfare.

Limbani Mwale

Head of Programmes and lecturer, Soche Technical College

Over nine years Mr Mwale has been committed and passionate in supporting the delivery of ABE programmes. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping others advance academically and improve their life chances showing excellence in teaching, mentoring and student welfare.

Catherine Zawanda

Quality assurance officer,  TVET

Ms Zawanda is an ABE graduate who joined TVET after completing a degree. She is passionate about upholding rigorous education standards and works tirelessly to ensure that education standards are never compromised.





Reason for the Commendation

Selveena Parmanum

ABE ambassador

Ms Parmanum has embraced her honourary role as ABE ambassador and does all she can to encourage ABE students around the world, looking for opportunities to support and encourage new learners, providing tips on best practice for passing assessments as well and promoting the ABE values. She always ensures that students have a positive attitude in their learning journey and motivates them to give their best. 

Keshav Sharma Indurjeet

Lecturer, Jeet's Hospitality and Tourism Management

Mr Indurjeet is praised by colleagues as a dedicated professional, who has a good sense of humour and a gracious and meticulous personality.

Sheran Joomunbaccus

Lecturer, SNIT Business School

Sheran Joomanboccus has been praised for their helpfulness and dedication to ensuring students always do their best.

Toraub Ibne Ziya Oodin

Lecturer, SNIT Business School

Mr Toraub is a former ABE student who is devoted to his students.  He encourages them to persevere and work hard. His teaching style develops his students and brings out their skills and qualities.





Reason for the Commendation

Myat Mon Zaw

Founder-cum-Principle, AIM Institute of Management

Ms Myat Mon Zaw received one of the highest number of student nominations worldwide which is reflective of her commitment to her students.  This includes support for those in financial difficulty and free employment-focused workshops.

Hnin Ei Khaing

Tutor, AIM Institute of Management

An example of Ms Hnin Ei Khaing's commitment to her students was given by one of her nominators. The student told us that her education was interrupted by the military coup and as a result, she struggled to understand business concepts but thanks to the care and commitment of her tutor she went on to pass all her assessments.

Dr Aye Aye Mar

Founder-cum-Principle, Business Institute Yangon (BIY)

Dr Aye Aye Mar has delivered exceptional innovation in the pursuit of high-quality education. They have introduced novel teaching methodologies and learning resources that have positively impacted the academic outcomes of students. 

Dr Mu Mu Theint

Senior Lecturer, Business Institute Yangon

Dr Mu Mu Theint is an expert in economics, innovation and international marketing, and she teaches these subjects with enthusiasm, clarity, and creativity. She uses a variety of methods and tools to engage her students, such as case studies, simulations, group projects, and online platforms. She also incorporates current trends and issues into her curriculum, making her courses relevant and practical. Mu Mu Theint is not only a great teacher, but also a great mentor and leader. She is well-respected and admired by her peers, students, and administrators.

Professor Dr Daw Hla Myint

Principal Academic Advisor, Business Institute Yangon

Emeritus Professor at Yangon Institute of Economics who has taught ABE since 1998.

Thinn Thinn Oo

Senior Lecturer, Business Institute Yangon

Ms Thinn Thinn Oo is a master of quantitative methods and decision-making, and she teaches these subjects with confidence, precision, and humour. She uses a variety of examples and exercises to help her students understand and apply the concepts and techniques. She also challenges her students to think critically and creatively and to solve real-world problems. She is a remarkable teacher who has inspired many students to excel.

Thidar Myint

Senior Lecturer, Business Institute Yangon

Ms Thida Myint has been an outstanding lecturer in Economics and the Business Environment for more than 20 years. She has the ability to inspire students through her innovative teaching style and commitment to student success. She is an excellent teacher because she has strong communication skills, collaboration skills, adaptability, empathy and patience.

Professor U Aye Kyaw

Lecturer at Aim Institute of Management and BIY, Founder and Principal of Myanmar Leadership and Management Institute

Prof. U Aye Kyaw can be called the father of ABE in Myanmar. He founded one of our leading centres and over his many years of teaching ABE courses has nurtured numerous business talents. His vision of offering quality education to the people of Myanmar has made a significant impact.

Dr Soe Myint Than

Professor, Mayfield Myanmar Institute

Dr Soe Myint Than has been recommended for a Commendation because of their exceptional dedication, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to education, meaning they have made a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals. Over a significant period, Dr Soe Myint Than has consistently demonstrated behaviours aligned with the ABE way values, encompassing the spirit of giving back, making a difference to others, and helping them become better versions of themselves. They have embraced the principles outlined in the manifesto, serving as exemplary role models for others.

Thida Han

Senior Lecturer, MHR Management Institute

As a teacher of ABE courses, since it was introduced to Myanmar, Ms Thida Han has equipped students with solid foundations in business and she continually encourages students to pursue ABE qualifications because she believes everyone should have access to quality education.

Ko Myo Min 

Founder, Principal & Lecturer, PS Business School

A committed teacher and centre head who has been instrumental in the growth of many young people.

Ye Htet Lwin Oo

Trainer and Principal, Rakhine Professional Development Institute

Mr Ye Htet Lwin Oo was nominated for his outstanding contributions to the fields of education and sustainability. He has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping others.

Mi Mi Kyaing

Founder and ABE Centre Head, SAGE Business School - Lashio

Ms Mi Mi Kyaing's commendable dedication and impactful contributions to the field of education make her a deserving candidate for the Commendation.  She exemplifies the behaviours that this recognition seeks to honour.

Dr Sandi Win

Founder of Sandi Education, Senior Lecturer at Strategy First University

Dr Sandi Win's students say she is a real role model who makes them feel cared about respected and empowered to face the workplace.  The support she shows positively impacts a great number of people.



The commendation in Nigeria goes to the following members of the  UNESCO REF team who are working to deliver essential business and entrepreneurial skills to young people:

  • Prince Abdulsalami Ladigbolu, UNESCO REF President  
  • Engr. Ahmad Kawu, Secretary of Programme   - OSSAP-SDGs
  • Dr Bala Yusuf Yunusa, Head of Policy and Strategy  - OSSAP-SDGs
  • Dr Ify Ukaegbu, Head of Conditional Grant Scheme  - OSSAP-SDGs
  • Mrs Patricia Aniebue, Deputy Director, PSU  - OSSAP-SDGs
  • Ms Rose Keffas, Special Assistant - OSSAP-SDGs


South Africa



Reason for the Commendation

Debbie Heustice

Director and CEO,

Khula Education

Through Khula Education, over 6,000 children and youth are being supported in Kwazulu Natal. In partnership with government-run schools. It provides direct teaching support to children from preschool to high school. In order to step up and expand education in Kwazulu Natal, it has facilitated closing the education gap by boosting teaching capacity in the local schools, by providing soft skills i.e. KidsMBA, computer skills, life skills and job readiness. Debbie has pursued strategies which promote inclusive education, particularly in disadvantaged communities.


Sri Lanka



Reason for the Commendation

Chrishankar Janathanan

Director of Operations,

AIB Sri Lanka

Mr Chrishankar has been extremely committed to the growth of ABE programmes and is committed to student satisfaction by providing teaching of the highest quality. He is also committed to removing barriers to education and reaching disadvantaged communities, often sponsoring students with potential from his own funds. 


Trinidad & Tobago




Reason for the Commendation

Arnold Ramjitsingh

Lecturer, CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Mr Ramjitsingh has mentored more than 15,000 ABE students. He has inspired them academically, personally and professionally. During the period 2008-2022, Mr Ramjitsingh tutored more than 35 world prize winners across numerous modules and various academic frameworks. By continuously placing students on an international academic stage, he motivates them to perform brilliantly and exceed expectations. His students also consistently enjoy high pass rates. 
Additionally, he provides outstanding student support. He has developed and delivered 30 academic skills sessions to more than 3,000 ABE students.

Jenelle Alexander-Ramkissoon

Manager / Lecturer, CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Ms Alexander-Ramkissoon has delivered modules to more than 10,000 students at various tertiary education institutions across Trinidad and Tobago including the University of the West Indies. Her students enjoy a consistently high pass rate and her excellence in teaching is evident by numerous students winning top paper awards. More importantly, Jenelle teaches knowledge transfer by utilizing scenarios, simulations and real-life industry examples from her career in banking and finance professional practice creating a relatable, engaging and exciting learning experience. 

Narine Neeranjan

Programme co-ordinator, CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Mr Neeranjar goes above and beyond to provide quality teaching ensuring students complete the programme and do their best. He makes himself available 24/7 offering mentorship and helping students find work.

Nigel Bhagwatsaran

Dean of Project Management & Lecturer CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Nigel Bhagwatsaran possesses core values of social justice and democratisation of educational opportunities for all. These values inform his student-centric pedagogical practices, mentorship efforts and passion for student achievement. His commitment to education is evidenced through consistent positive student feedback with his students achieving more than 35 ABE subject world prizes from 2006 to 2023. Additionally, Nigel has demonstrated instructional leadership in the successful transition of more than 2000 students from the QCF to the RQF assessment structure at CTS College. He also displayed strong educational leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic with the alternative form of open book assignments and seamlessly acclimatising more than 6,000 students to virtual learning.

Ravi Ragoonath

Executive Director CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Ravi Ragoonath promotes values of humanity and philanthropy within the college and the wider community. Each year, the College donates over $20,000 in supplies to families and primary schools in rural areas. Over the last 10 years, under Ravi’s leadership, the College embraced a policy of inclusive education by awarding more than $5-million in scholarships and special discounts to academically outstanding, marginalised and socially displaced students. CTS has also contributed 20 tablets to support students who were unable to access online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. The College supports the Chaguanas Borough Corporation in fundraisers and a greenspace that adds aesthetic value to the community. Apart from promoting social responsibility, Ravi demonstrates empathy and compassion to all students at CTS through counselling, mentorship, coaching and constructive feedback. Ravi has conducted over 100 Information Sessions as well as Career Guidance Sessions to model positive behaviours and encourage others to pursue their goals and passions. More than 5,000 individuals have benefited from these sessions. 

Burt Gransaull

Lecturer, SBCS Global Learning Institute

A SBCS pioneer of our marketing faculty, Mr Gransaull has lectured for the ABE programme since 2001 when he was selected to do the ABE Diploma 2. A very charismatic lecturer, students continue to express that he has the ability to bring world examples to the classroom in a way that both full-time and part-time students can grasp.
Burt as he is usually called, is able not only to inspire students to complete their programmes but encourages them to dream big, extend their academic careers to avenues beyond their initial plans and to be relentless at such.

Candy Douglas

Centre Manager, SBCS Global Learning Institute

Since 2007, Ms. Candy Douglas has laboured to make a difference to thousands of students. She has devoted significant time to counselling those who faced pressures or mental health issues. It is thanks to her efforts many students completed their ABE studies.  This was done at great personal sacrifice. Her leadership has also been outstanding. Candy was instrumental in growing enrolments and rebuilding SBCS' market share. Her skills were tested when COVID-19 came along and everyone had to pivot to online learning and delivery.  She ensured that students and lecturers were provided with the relevant training to adapt in very difficult circumstances.

Curtis Leach 

Tutor, SBCS Global Learning Institute

Joining in 2010, Curtis has been a main lecturer in SBCS's strategic management and marketing faculty. His approach to his classes is always clearly outlined and students always praise him for this. He supports his students very well at assessments and guides them to ensure they perform at their very best. Currently, SBCS's main MSR lecturer, students of this class do exceptionally well, attaining merits and distinctions.

Peter Kelly 

Lecturer, SBCS Global Learning Institute

A dynamic and theatrical lecturer who extends challenges to his students at every session. Mr Kelly has been an educator on the programme for the Economics department since 2005. Students enjoy his ability to enlighten their views of the Economic content. An admirable fact about Mr Kelly is his students' records, he ensures he is knowledgeable of the full names of all registered for his classes and he reaches out if they are not attending class. At the most recent sittings, Mr Kelly's pass rate has been over 95%. A true SBCS pioneer, he continues to support all initiatives and has been instrumental in suggesting new ways to encourage and motivate learners to excellence. If you love theatre but not economics, Mr Kelly's sessions will surely change your views!

Roger Samaroo

Lecturer, SBCS Global Learning Institute

A full-time lecturer since 2012, Mr Samaroo has had countless classes that have seen pass rates at 100%. Mr Samaroo goes above and beyond for his students and ensures that they are all encouraged to sit exams. A favourite for the full-time faculty he is able to interact well with younger students and is instrumental in their development.

Althea O'Garro

Tutor, SHEL

Althea O'Garro has been a tutor at SHEL for the past ten years. She is an HR Professional specialising in wellness and emotional intelligence. She helps our students on the path to success in their ABE exams. She is able to identify their personal strengths and limitations and guide them toward self-confidence. She is optimistic and ambitious, and an advocate for continuous learning. 

Carol Procope

Tutor, SHEL

Carol Procope is an ABE alumni who has gone on to an MBA. In order to give back to society, Carol approached SHEL to teach the ABE programme. She has been with SHEL since 2006. She spends quality time with students helping them academically and with emotional struggles. Feedback from students is always extremely positive. 

Mark Samuel

 Tutor, SHEL

Mark Samuel has helped his students to successfully complete the ABE Level 5 programme, lending his time and expertise, and he has taught students who were awarded the Top Prize from ABE.
In addition, Mark is an enterprising entrepreneur with a successful small business. He encourages others to become young entrepreneurs, and he mentors these people lending his own time, life, and business experiences. He motivates the youth of his community while encouraging them to educate themselves. He vigorously promotes the ABE programmes and their benefits. 

Ann-Marina White

Executive Director, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Ms Ann-Marina White demonstrates a remarkable ability to deliver innovation, promote academic advancement and life improvement, champion inclusive education, emphasise business and enterprise education, and exhibit exemplary leadership in challenging circumstances. Her contributions have not only elevated the institution but also had a lasting impact on individuals fostering a brighter future through education. Mrs White consistently pushes the boundaries of traditional education. She has introduced innovative teaching methodologies, integrated technology in the classroom, and fostered a culture of experimentation and creativity among faculty. Under her leadership, SITAL provides industry-relevant courses that prepare students for the challenges of the modern world.

Lynette Francis

Lecturer, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Ms Francis delivers outstanding innovation in the pursuit of high-quality education. She introduces students to standards that will foster superior achievement of their goals before the first session via the Student Induction and these are continuously linked via the activities in the classroom.  Her preparation for class sessions involves researching each topic to bring different and contemporary perspectives into the discussions.  She encourages students to think critically and cement concepts using real-life examples from their own experience supplemented with her own.  

Alana Ramdhan 

Manager Facilities and Operations, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Over the past 23 years, Ms Ramdhan has worked with staff at all levels within the institution and has contributed to goals within Quality Assurance, Academics, HR, Operations and Marketing. At SITAL College she was initially hired in an administrative capacity and incrementally took on more and more responsibilities as the institution grew, and as demands increased. From 2004 to the present she has shown consistent commitment to ensuring students progress and achieve their academic goals. 

Krystal Singh   

Facilities and Operations Coordinator, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Over the past 15 years, Ms Krystal Singh has held the position of Course Advisor, Senior/Lead Course Advisor and Operations Coordinator and she has guided hundreds of students through the ABE levels.  She believes everyone should have an opportunity to access quality education and ABE provides this opportunity. She has used her experience as an ABE graduate to motivate others on how achievable, flexible and affordable it is to earn a degree through the ABE qualification.  As a result, she has impacted the lives of many young people as well as adults.  

Carolyne Moore-Greaves  

Lecturer, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Ms Moore Greaves offers over twenty years of practical experience and expertise in the UK and Trinidad & Tobago. Her experience and qualifications allow students to understand how theory can be applied in the practical work environment. In the role of lecturer, Ms Moore Greaves prepares her scheme of work, mid-term and mock exams, and support sessions that guide students towards distinctions. Her service is not limited to the classroom; however, she goes beyond the call of duty and provides support when needed. She makes herself accessible through lines of communication from phone calls, WhatsApp messages or email. Her mentorship has touched the lives of many of her students who hold her accountable for a huge part of their success. 

Denzyl Wilkes 

Lecturer, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Denzyl Wilkes has lectured on ABE courses for the past six years; progressing through the academic journey with undergraduate students, advancing their knowledge and capability toward practical application of the theory, as well as guiding them through the vast career opportunities available to them with their ABE qualifications. Each semester presents him with new opportunities and challenges for students, his ability to continuously engage each student as they manoeuvre through rapidly changing technology, increased work demands, economic constraints and personal commitments by delivering a high-quality service and content which takes them well beyond the class. Each of his students who passes an ABE exam at SITAL College does so with a level of knowledge and understanding that propel them confidently to improve working environments and set the best example of what a dynamic academic turned business leader should be. 

Beverly Job 

Lecturer, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

During her working career, particularly as the Manager of a large Social Security Service Centre, Ms Beverly Job's passion has been to motivate and train staff as well as meet the needs of customers.  As a part-time lecturer, it has been no different.  She is driven by results and always includes an option to connect for ‘one to one’.  
As the school Counsellor, she goes beyond academics and helps students make correct choices geared to the successful completion of their ABE studies. Students’ successes feel like her success she is just as excited when results are out to find out how her students did. 
Her method of teaching is uncomplicated and often unorthodox.  She breaks down the material in simple and relatable terms with familiar examples and then builds up by applying the concepts, a method that gives students some aha! moments and then the big picture.  This ensures that the wide spectrum of students at different points in the learning curve feel a part of the class and no one is left behind.   

Sajid Ali-Baksh

Lecturer, SITAL College of Tertiary Education

Mr Sajid's commitment to his students has been described as out of this world. They tell us he is there for them whenever needed, helping them when they feel overwhelmed and stressed and encouraging them to have self-belief and keep going.  He is an example of what a teacher should be. 


United Kingdom



Reason for the Commendation

Georgia Chrisostomou

Head of Future Skills, Lower School Tutor

Belmont, Mill Hill Preparatory School

Georgia Chrisostomou has been a dedicated supporter of the programme. She worked closely with the KidsMBA team and with ABE staff to enhance the modules. She also invited Mark Watson-Gandy, the founder of KidsMBA, to give a talk to this year’s students prior to their shark tank event, which she said both students and teachers found inspiring. Under her tutorship, Belmont secured the runner-up title in the 2023 Future Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Leon Roberts


Belmont, Mill Hill Preparatory School

Leon has been a staunch supporter and advocate of the KidsMBA programme since Belmont started delivering the programme. At the new parents open day, Leon always includes an introduction to KidsMBA and how the programme fits perfectly into a ‘Future Skills’ agenda.

Lloyd Stephenson

Head of Teaching and Learning,

Gresham's School

Lloyd Stephenson has been a passionate supporter of KidsMBA and has promoted the programme both within the school and to the parents and local businesses. He has engaged outside businesses to come in and give talks to enhance the students' experience of the programme. For the end of year investment pitch he attracted distinguished judges from the local business community.