Live ABE webinar in India


On 3 June 2024, around 50 participants, representing universities, corporate training companies, and national and international schools from India and Nepal, attended a live webinar hosted by ABE.

The live webinar featured Rob May (CEO), Rob Kindness (Sales Director), Reuben Davison (UK BDM), Vinayak Sudhakar (India & Nepal BDM), Simon Pitt (Director of Quality, Risk & Standards) and Linda Wilkin (Marketing Director). They spoke about the various programmes and qualifications offered by ABE, the accreditation process, marketing support, and the recognition of ABE courses.

The Q&A session gave insights into what schools hold dearly and how ABE Global can support students in the region. Vinayak Sudhakar said ‘’The increasing number of inquiries from the region show the importance of ABE's domain in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Institutions are looking to ABE to encourage the HODs of business studies departments to create real-life and practical situations for students to demonstrate financial and leadership attributes needed to succeed in their academic career and further employment opportunities.’’

Rob May and Rob Kindness, accompanied by Vinayak Sudhakar, will visit India in July. They are looking forward to continuing conversations with the schools in attendance to support and further business education.

ABE Webinar