A snapshot from ABE centres in Tanzania

ABE's Africa Director, Kereesa Carrington-Nunez, is currently meeting stakeholders across the continent and shared these insights into the Tanzanian leg of her tour where, along with ABE's Finance Director Cynthia Deyzel and Country Manager Bonface Kamau, ABE met with key centres FBTC and Emerson College .

The first call was at FBTC where the team received a warm welcome and enjoyed engaging with students and staff. Also joining ABE on this visit was Jon Easter from the University of Hertfordshire showing first picture below meeting the FBTC management team.

The tour ended at Emerson College.  Here the ABE team were welcomed by Executive Director Mr Fizan and met the college's students and faculty staff.  They were particularly pleased to hear from student Sultan Nassor who began his ABE journey at Level 3 and who is now finishing off his University of Hertfordshire degree facilitated through ABE and Emerson (bottom picture).  

Jon Easter FBTC

FBTC class