Timed exam assessment for selected Level 4 units from November 2023.

We are pleased to announce that from the November 2023 assessment window, three units in each Level 4 full diploma will be assessed by traditional timed exam.  The units this applies to are as follows:

From all pathways

  • Introduction to Quantitative methods 
  • Project Management

Business Management pathway

  • Dynamic and Collaborative Teams

Business Management and Human Resources pathway

  • Principles of HR

Business Management and Marketing

  • Principles of Marketing Practice

This mixed assessment model further enhances the learning experience provided to ABE students.  New Level 4 learners coming straight from school will have some exams in a more familiar format, making the qualification more accessible to those who have never previously done assignments or open-book exams (OBEs).

In addition, these different assessment methods at the start of the ABE journey will produce rounded candidates as each method has its own merits and develops a different skill set.  The timed exams will help to ensure students memorise the fundamental principles underpinning their learning, whilst the OBEs and assignments develop the ability to apply these principles to real-world scenarios.