Analytical Decision-making

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Unit purpose and aim(s)

Robust, effective and timely decision-making in any business context is a critical factor in the success of a project or enterprise.  Using accurate and relevant information or data is a vital component of this process.

This unit is designed to provide you with the theoretical, practical and technical knowledge to identify, define, analyse and interpret data from a broad range of sources to support critical business decisions in a variety of contexts and using a range of methodologies.

You will gain technical skills in research methodology including the collection, analysis and interpretation of multiple data sets using narrative and predictive techniques and models. These skills will encourage you to develop your business acumen and will be useful in conjunction with other units within the level 5 syllabus, for example the Innovation and Business Performance unit. 

This unit is assessed by a timed open book exam (before 2020 it was assessed by assignment).

Qualifications for this unit:

ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

Qualifications for this unit