Strategic Marketing

Unit reference:
Guided Learning Hours:
Level 6
20 credits

Unit purpose and aim(s)

The purpose of this unit is to evaluate the role of strategic marketing as a business function, how it interrelates with other functions, and to determine its impact in terms of how a marketing philosophy can inform corporate strategy. The unit will also focus on how marketing performs an operational role in achieving corporate objectives and promote a critical understanding of the marketing challenges faced by firms attempting to develop and grow internationally.

The unit will give you a strategic perspective of marketing management with respect to the analysis, planning, implementation and control of marketing activities, including the use of metrics to measure, monitor and improve performance in addition to their role within strategic decision-making.

Assessed by assignment 2019. Please note: in 2020 this unit will change to an exam assessment.


Qualifications for this unit

Units: 6

Develop a critical strategic understanding of contemporary management issues and the skill set you need as a senior marketing professional.    The final year of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.