Strategic Marketing Relationships

Unit reference:
Guided Learning Hours:
Level 6
20 credits

Unit purpose and aim(s)

The overall aim of this unit is to encourage you to think about the relationships that companies have with their customers over time, rather than view each customer purchase as an individual ‘transaction’. Building long term, sustainable relationships with customers is key to organisational success and given the increasing use of online business models and consumer savviness of how to move between suppliers, the importance of managing the customer experience has never been higher.

In this unit you will focus on areas such as customer engagement, communication, relationship marketing acquisition, retention and distribution, how customers buy, and how to develop an effective customer relationship marketing system.  The unit will help you develop as a knowledgeable and effective strategic marketer and business professional. 

Assessed by assignment.

Qualifications for this unit

Units: 6

Develop a critical strategic understanding of contemporary management issues and the skill set you need as a senior marketing professional.    The final year of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.