ABE Ghana 50th Anniversary Celebration: A Night to Remember

ABE Ghana 50th Anniversary Celebration

ABE Ghana hosted an unforgettable 50th-anniversary celebration, organised by ABE Manager Isaac Yeboah. The event was attended by ABE alumni, students, lecturers, and key stakeholders.

During the event, commendation awards were presented to those who made significant contributions to ABE Ghana's history, alongside the Top Paper winner awards.

But there was more! The ABE Ghana student council pulled off a surprise segment and awarded honorary members, and also presented special citation plaques to their teachers. The teachers were completely taken aback and overwhelmed by the gesture.

ABE Director Kereesa Carrington-Nunez, expressed her emotions and pride in the impact that ABE has made, not only on the students but also on the teachers:

‘’Just wow......I fought back the tears........our impact is real! It's not just to our students but those who teach our qualifications as well.

I am proud.......our team.....our CEO....our board....every one of us when we look at these images, we know the value of our impact....That's why we are relentless....That's why we are consistent.....no matter how difficult things get we find our next gear.....the one that doesn't even exist and we innovate! It's the #ABEway’’

Check out the video that captures some of the amazing moments and the joyous atmosphere that filled the room from the event: