Refund Policy

1. Purpose

This policy provides information for and sets out the procedures for processing refunds.

2. Introduction

The ABE Global is an awarding body regulated by Ofqual, the qualifications regulator for England and Northern Ireland. ABE is committed to high levels of quality assurance and polices are open, transparent and free from bias. 

Where required as a result of overpayment or request to cancel a purchase that has been paid for, a refund to the learner or college may be required. 

In some instances, the refund may, with the payer’s agreement, be credited to the payer’s ABE account and not physically returned.

Unused balances held on account by ABE are returnable within a 2-year period of the payment being made. If you are not continuing your studies but have already made a payment to ABE, you should make an application for a refund in writing to ABE within 2-years of making payment. Contact [email protected]

3. Overview

The following circumstances are included where a refund may be required. However, this is not exhaustive and other circumstances where refunds are required may arise. 


  • Where there has been an overpayment for services requested as a result of the incorrect value being paid.
  • Double payment processing (effective overpayment) - where any single order is processed more than once as a result of duplicate application forms being received.


Where the correct value was paid, and within the permitted time the payer requests a cancellation.

Requests for refunds must be received by ABE via letter or email, from the ABE member.

If the payment was made by a third party, authorisation from the third party may be required. Third parties cannot request a refund.

4. Product Specific Refunds Policy

  • Registration Fees – Refundable, if requested within fourteen days, less £15 administration fee.
  • Subscription Fees – Non-refundable.
  • Assessment Fees (Including Exam and Assignment Fees) – Refundable, if refund is requested within fourteen days, the fee is refundable less £15 administration fee.
  • Accreditation Fees – Refundable up to full accreditation being processed and prior to the formal accreditation visit, less 10% administration fee. If refund is requested after the formal accreditation visit, the fee is refundable less the 10% administration fee and the costs incurred to ABE for the formal accreditation visit.

5. Refund Processing Fees

In addition to the administration fee listed above, all bank charges are deducted from the refund amount being paid.

6. Authorisation

In all instance refunds must be authorised by the CEO or Head of Finance before being processed. 

7. Mechanisms for Processing Refunds

As far as possible the same method of payment that was used to receive the funds will be used to process a refund. If the original payment was paid to ABE by a college, the refund will be paid back to the college, and the college will refund the ABE member.

Debit card or credit card refunds

For all debit card or credit card payments the same mechanism is used to process the refund. The refund will be paid to the payer’s credit or debit card, providing the card is still valid.

Convera GlobalPay refunds

International payments are processed to the payer’s bank account using Convera GlobalPay to process the payment. This is the lowest cost method of payment available to ABE to process international payments to a bank account. 

BACS payments

Local UK refund payments are processed by BACS payment to the payer’s bank account.

Crediting payer's account with funds that can be used for another service

Where requested it is possible to credit the payer's ABE account for use at a later date for ABE services. Balances held on credit can be requested for refund at any point, and are permanently available.