Goburdhun Bibi Aiman Amiirah

Top Paper Award in Principles of Marketing Practice, studied at Elite Business School
"My brother recommended joining ABE, as it was a much better option. I went through the course lists, and they were my choice."

Goburdhun tells us her lecturers have really helped her understanding of employability skills and she now has a passion to progress to senior management or pursue a career in public speaking.  Here's her story: 

"I am a student from Mauritius - a beautiful, exotic paradise island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. My family consists of my parents, brother and his wife. I started studying ABE, after my GCSE examinations in December 2021. I was also working as customer service agent in a few companies before the new year. 

I went through many academies looking for the best educational centre. Some were really far away from my house, and some fees were way above my budget. Then my brother recommended joining ABE, as it was a much better option. I went through the course lists, and they were my choice. ABE has many facilities such as modules available freely online, after having paid the membership fees. We can study with a flexible schedule: allowing for study and work at the same time.

In L4 there is a module on Employability, where with the help of my lecturers Ms Devina Sonkar and Ms Lovina, I understood clearly the concept of employability skills, how to perform in interviews, what are the objectives of managers, and so on. This knowledge helped me perform better in my professional life.  Also, my family has just started a new clothing online business. My part is to look after the promotional activities, managing social media platforms, and marketing strategies in general. The marketing I learnt during my L4 module, is helping me in achieving the required target.

My tips for successful study are to study with a group, make study notes, ask questions, and make a study plan.

After completing my diploma, my plan is to move to my desired job and company. I really like working with the public. I might start from scratch in a lower job position and from here progress to senior management. Or, I might start with public speaking, where I get to be a public figure: talking at events and conferences, having radio podcasts or even publishing my own paper."