Htet Wai Shen Htun

Top Paper Award in International Business Economics & Markets, studied at SAGE Business School
Htet Wai Shen Htun
‘’ABE helps me to become a more consistent and analytical thinker, helping me become a better version of myself.’’

Htet Wai Shen Htun completed ABE Level 4 in Business Management studies and is currently looking to study Levels 5 and 6 with ABE and pursue a degree in business administration at the University of People. He has an interest in studying overseas to expand his knowledge and improve his creativity. Read his full story below:

''My name is Htet Wai Shen Htun (Reo), and I love to entertain and learn about people. I was raised in a small town called Lashio in Shan State, which is in eastern Myanmar. In my micro family, I am the eldest child who serves the family's needs by providing income. I am currently pursuing business administration at University of People online. At the moment, because of the crises that have occurred in Myanmar, I am employed as a teaching assistant and content writer.

My interest in joining the ABE stems from the vocational learning style and the accreditation that ABE provides. The ABE curriculum's precise definitions, useful theories, connections between lessons, and inclusion of real-world events suit my learning style, assisting me in striking a balance between work and life.

I completed my Level 4 in Business Management studies at SAGE Business School-Lashio, and I'm currently working on Levels 5 and 6. I received my achievement and was connected to ABE because of SAGE.

The utilisation of modern business practices is limited in Myanmar's economic institutions. ABE is one of the bridges that lightens people who are passionate about studying business management, marketing, and HR. As for the curriculum, I believe that offering practical management techniques and practices that support the real world makes ABE being adopted by the private institutions here. Some of my classmates are even able to apply specific theories when planning and starting their businesses (risks, resources, etc.). Myanmar has very few economic institutions that empower the most recent business practices.

Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to study overseas so that I can expand my knowledge in a variety of industries, improve my creativity, and maintain my forward-thinking outlook. I intend to send applications for September intake - 2024 to universities in Europe, home to some of the biggest names in the world, after receiving my diploma in level 5 Business Management. I think that studying business in an environment where business spirit is alive could bring motivation. If I have a chance to work, I can even get experiences rather than learning in my comfort zone. Before the application procedures, I am preparing to sit the Duolingo test in the upcoming March.

As previously mentioned, I enjoy reading succinct, to-the-point paragraphs that include actual case studies and examples. Unquestionably, ABE's effective approaches pique my curiosity about what's happening in the real world.

ABE helps me to become a more consistent and analytical thinker, helping me become a better version of myself. I can choose the ideal workplace and have more flexibility in my work life thanks to HR theories and employability skills from level 4 and SWOT and PESTLE analysis. I can set short-term as well as long-term objectives, and self-management (financial, employment, etc.) improves.

I read the ABE textbooks immediately before writing any assignments, after reading the questions through until I understand them. ABE case studies, glossaries, and provided links are essential for gaining an in-depth comprehension of the lessons if needed. As ideas can quickly fade away, I try writing down any inspiration I get, even at midnight. I search for the best scenarios by gathering as much information as possible about the organisation I have selected in journals, websites, or social media.

With my ABE journey, I have two paths. One option is to pursue a Bachelors degree abroad, followed by a Masters, and afterward a Level 5 or 6 diploma by 2024. If I am unable to participate, I intend to enrol in ABE Level 7 and pursue a career in Human Resources Management. My ideal job would be at Pixar, where I could use my creative, adaptable, and inventive working style. In addition, I would love to conduct workshops, impart my knowledge, and offer advice to local students with an interest in business management.''